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"In all societies at all times, there are those who care, those who hunger for that quaint anachronism called Truth... it is more precious than the rarest of gems, easily worth knowing for those who dare to chase it. For it is truth, and only truth, that will ever set you free."
~ Richard M.Dolan
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Whenever I describe the extent of the corruption in the financial system, the same questions always follow. Who is really in control? Why are the behaving this way? Cui Bono? Who benefits?

One of the challenges in providing answers has been the absence of access to the information that we need. There are more unanswered questions than facts. Many of those unanswered questions revolve around the black budget and the private corporate power structure that it has created. If Richard Dolan is right, the UFO phenomenon is at the core of the creation of the National Security State and the Tapeworm Economy.

Over the years, I have read scores of books on the UFO phenomenon. However, it was not until reading Richard Dolan's latest book, UFOs & the National Security State: The Cover Up Exposed, 1973-1991, that I found a book that both describes the UFO phenomenon in a comprehensive and professional way and documents the profound impact that managing this phenomenon in extreme secrecy has had on our society. This includes the creation of a consortium of military, intelligence and private interests that have formed a “break-away civilization” that continues to prosper and grow, in part because of the advanced technologies that have resulted from decades of black funded research projects.

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