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"As investors, we seem to live in a prelude of the "World of Absurdities" that Günter Reimann brilliantly defined in the last chapter of his 1939 The Vampire Economy⎯Doing Business under Fascism. Our task in deploying our savings is just as difficult as that of those who run the enterprises in which we invest."
~ Tony Deden
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I will be calling from Michigan on Thursday evening to join Franklin Sanders of The Moneychanger for the Precious Metals Market Report. I will be at the Thunder Bay Resort in Hillman, Michigan for the Regional Economic Prosperity Alliance Workshop: "Building Personal & Family Wealth in Changing Times" this Friday.

While I just returned from Montana, Franklin and the Sanders clan are recovering from the success of their Bodacious Hoedown. It's been a good time for both of us, for which we are grateful.

After my review of Money & Markets, Franklin will address recent developments in the silver and gold markets. With fall approaching, silver and gold appear to be moving up to their next prices levels. We have many questions from subscribers, and we want to answer as many of those as possible. This includes questions on our recent Solari Special Report: Options for Storing Precious Metal.

Next, we will discuss the second part of Franklin's #4 pick in the top 10 dates in the history of silver and gold - the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. The American Institute of Economic Research recently estimated that "the long-term decline in the purchasing power of the dollar has cost savers more than $19 trillion of their real wealth." That makes 1913 a date that will "live in financial infamy."

We also plan to describe the inherent risks of depending on federal government money. Franklin say that "government money comes with a sock in the jaw." One of our examples will be the upcoming hearings by the Department of Labor and the U.S. Treasury on retirement accounts.

Remember to e-mail or post your questions for us before Thursday night, or ask them live through our web access. You can listen now through the web as well - no need to call in if you are coming in from other continents.

More at the blog.

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