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"The future is something to be created, rather than feared. Allocating our time, networks, and resources to deal with a variety of high-risk scenarios frees us to become proactive and to build positive futures instead of negative ones. I like to understand what these scenarios mean in terms of managing risk and to know how we can succeed within all possible futures."
~ Catherine Austin Fitts
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In our year-end wrap up, 2009: The Year of the Giant Vampire Squid, I said that in 2010, the "Year of the Tiger," that the road would turn east and that the geopolitics of the Grand Chessboard would dominate capital flows and military actions. In the United States, the gears would grind as unemployment, pain in housing and real estate markets and state and local government budget adjustments continued.

What’s new is the global realization that the global debt and derivative system is both fundamentally fraudulent and, therefore, fragile. This is a game changing consensus - one that makes maintaining system liquidity and managing the slow burn more difficult.

We will be talking about:

  • IRAs and 401(k)s: The Trap Door Starts to Close
  • American and European Retirement Benefits: Is There Any There There?
  • Election 2010
  • The Gulf Oil Spill
  • The Squeeze on Wall Street
  • Health Care, Food & Internet "Reform"
  • Energy Technology: Time to Come Out of the Closet?
  • Are the Black Budget Boys Leaving the Bilderbergers Behind?
  • Unemployment: No End Game in Site
  • UFOs: the Next Scare Tactic?
  • Housing and Real Estate Markets: More Mortgages than Houses?
  • Municipal Markets: Will Drug Reform Bolster Municipal Credits?
  • Equity Markets: The Shift to the Emerging Markets
  • Bond Markets: Sovereign Debt Wars
  • Currency Markets: Downing the Dollar
  • Commodities and Precious Metals: Up, Up & Away
  • The Bottom Line: Can the Slow Burn Continue?
  • Heroes & Opportunities

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Catherine Austin Fitts' Blog  

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Wall Street Sees World Economy Decoupling From U.S.

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Foreclosures Slow as Document Flaws Emerge

Bank Exec Checked Only Date on Foreclosure Docs

JPMorganChase Suspends Foreclosures

Citigroup, Ally Sued for Racketeering Over Database

Goldman Sachs Sued Over German Bank’s $37 Million Loss on CDO

Title Companies Stop Insuring Foreclosed Properties

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MERS/MBS/Foreclosure Goes RICO

It's about damned time. This is worth a read, even though it's VERY long. The bottom line is that all the Tickers I've written on this subject, from bad conveyances into REMICs, to the tax issues, to the fraudulent documents, to the fact that the MBS are "empty boxes", up and down the line - it’s all in here. Anyone who thinks this is a "nothingburger" after reading this has rocks in their head.

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