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I’m in Silicon Valley for the month of October. So I will be joining Franklin Sanders of The Moneychanger by phone for the Precious Metals Market Report this Thursday night.

At the beginning of 2010, I predicted that the high for the gold price this year would be 1350. WelI, the price is through that at 1352 and we have most of the fourth quarter to go. Given that the high month for five of the last ten years has been December, I have been considering what a revised high price expectation might be.

After my review of Money & Markets, Franklin will address what’s behind the tremendous movement in the silver and gold markets and we will address your questions. In response to subscribers requests, Solari has published a special report this week on the history of the IRA and 401k annuity proposals (available to Solari Report Subscribers as a resource to Thursday night's Precious Metals Market Report) which we will cover - what specifically could the proposals look like? Finally, we will discuss Franklin’s next pick in the top 10 dates in the history of silver and gold.

More at the blog.

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