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I'll be driving from San Francisco to Tennessee to join Franklin Sanders at his farm for our Solari Report this Thursday evening. I have had a great time in Silicon Valley and am looking forward to seeing the green hills of home.

We have a lot to talk about, including the continued rise in precious metals prices, the meaning of the World Bank president's trial balloon of an international gold standard at the G-20 summit and the decline in the gold-silver ratio.

I will start with Money & Markets and focus questions on precious metals. Franklin will also continue his series, the 'Top Ten Dates in Precious Metals History.'

Solari is publishing a special report this week for subscribers first on US tax treatment of gold transfers, including from unallocated pools to allocated holdings. I will cover this material as well. You can access the link at your cart when we publish later this week.

More at the blog.

Listen live on Thursday evening by phone or online, or listen at your convenience by downloading the mp3 after it is posted on Friday.

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