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The Solari Report Digest is our podcast produced monthly from excerpts of the Solari Report briefings. Highlighted topics of SRD #19 are:

  • Getting Your Records in Order
  • A Case For Gold and Silver Currencies
  • Puppet Masters of the World

Getting Your Records in Order Catherine has a conversation with Charles Murray of the American Institute for Economic Research. At this time of year when many of us are spending time with loved ones and family, reflecting on the days and years passed, we’re reminded of the importance of planning and organizing for those times when through the result of an emergency or the inevitability of life’s end we, or a loved one, is no longer able to care for themselves. As difficult as this topic can be, having the conversation before it’s too late can make an enormous difference in enabling your loved ones and others to step in and assist with minimal difficulty if you are not able to manage things yourself.

A Case For Gold and Silver Currencies There are many reasons to transition from paper money to precious metals as a form of local currency. Many of these have been discussed on the Solari Report. Fashioning contracts is one of the steps involved in mobilizing our precious metals for everyday transactions and enjoying financial liquidity that does not drain through debasement or lead to digital invasion of privacy. But is it legal? And how does one include a Gold or Silver claus in their financial transactions? Franklin Sanders of The Money Changer addresses these questions from a recent Precious Metals Market Report.

Puppet Masters of the World Ever get the feeling you’re just a puppet or a pawn in a much bigger game of power and control? Well before you call your therapist, you might be surprised to learn that there are indeed certain powerful groups, such as the Bildebergers, intent on governing on a centralized basis. What are their plans? How important is narcotics trafficking and financial fraud to their operations? How did events in 2010 track with the Bilderberger Agenda? These were some of the topics discussed in a recent Solari Report with author Daniel Estulen.

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