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This Thursday night is our first precious metals Solari Report of the new year. Franklin Sanders and I will talk about what happened in 2010 and share our outlook for the silver and gold markets in 2011.

One of our expectations is that we will experience greater volatility in all markets, as well as in the general environment. Part of our discussion will focus on ways of successfully managing in the midst of rising volatility and uncertainty.

Franklin will also address President Nixon’s cancellation in 1971 of the direct convertibility of the U.S. dollar to gold that ended the Bretton Woods system of international financial exchange as part of our series on the top 10 dates in the history of silver and gold.

I will start with Money & Markets. This week’s Money & Market charts will be posted at the blog. Questions for Ask Catherine will focus on precious metals, so keep the questions coming!

More at the blog.

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