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This Thursday evening, I will be speaking with B. Blake Levitt about our electromagnetic environment, and what we as both households and communities can do to understand and protect our health from nonionizing radiation as an environmental pollutant.

Blake is an award-winning medical and science journalist, a former New York Times writer, and author of "Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves," for which she won a chapter award of excellence from the American Medical Writers Association. She is also the editor of "Cell Towers."

One of the many things I appreciate about Blake’s work is that she does an thorough job of reviewing all the issues and research system-wide. Electromagnetic environment is a topic that is crosscutting to many scientific and engineering specialties and, while invisible, has a potential impact on just about everything.

More at the blog.

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Wisconsin Budget Bill Would Enable No-bid Sales of State Power Plants

Under the budget-repair bill passed by the Assembly on Friday, no bids would be required for the state to sell up to 37 heating and cooling plants across the state. The bill would empower the secretary of the state Department of Administration to sell the plants.

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