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I am back in Tennessee and heading over to middle Tennessee to join Franklin Sanders for our Precious Metals Market Report this Thursday evening.

The silver and gold markets continue to be strong - with no sign of a correction. I want to dig into what is happening right now in the precious metals markets and how it relates to geopolitics, the oil market, and the future of the U.S. dollar.

The squeeze of rising expenses and falling income continues - just as we warned it would in our 2010 Year End Wrap-Up: The Road Turns East. The Wall Street Journal and other publications ran trial balloons last week about the dollar losing reserve status, causing a 20-25% increase in expenses across the board to US consumers. Are we being "pumped and dumped" yet again, or could it happen this year?

I am concerned about the push for silver and gold legislation at state levels. What will happen if the government simultaneously takes the position that we can not grow our own food or sell it to our neighbors, but that we must make payments to the government in gold and silver despite the fact that a significant majority of savings is in bank deposits that are dollar based?

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Area Democrats were recently asked to endorse Chris Murphy for his upcoming bid for the U.S. Senate. Full disclosure - I am a lifelong Democrat, an ardent environmentalist, and vice chairman of the Warren Democratic Town Committee.

State Legislation: Precious Metals

Legislators in at least ten states have introduced bills in the past few years to allow state commerce to be conducted with gold and silver. See the list of states and more articles on this topic.

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