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"But where shall we go?...If I go away, and everything and everyone-every friend, every tree, every home, every dog, squirrel and bird that I have known and loved-is incinerated, how shall I live on? Who shall I love? And who will love me back?"
~ Arundhati Roy
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This week's Solari Report may arguably be one of the toughest topics we've ever covered.

I will be talking with Dr. Gwen Scott about aerosol spraying (often called chemtrails), the impact on our health and actions we can take to protect ourselves. This includes a discussion of Morgellon’s disease and Clifford Carnicom’s latest research, republished this month on the blog (See 1,2).

I first learned of Dr. Scott watching several interviews she filmed with Clifford Carnicom, who joined us last year on The Solari Report for our series on chemtrails.

Global spraying programs are having a significant impact on our health. Carnicom’s testing indicates that the changes can be observed throughout our population. While unpleasant to contemplate, there are a number of very important steps we can each take to mitigate the impact on ourselves and those we love.

More at the blog.

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