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"My focus is money. So, why do I keep talking about health? Because the way to steal somebody’s money is first to steal their mind. You give them false maps of reality, you fill their head with subliminal programming, you encourage them with false fears, you make them tired and sick - all of these are tricks in the game of economic warfare."
~ Catherine Austin Fitts
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The Solari Report Digest is our podcast produced monthly from excerpts of the Solari Report briefings. Highlighted topics of SRD #22 are:

  • This is your Brain on WiFi with Blake Levitt
  • Finding the Enough Point with Geneen Roth
  • Remember Fresh Air? with Dr. Gwen Scott

B. Blake Levitt on EMF & Our Health The proliferation of wireless technologies has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives from how we communicate to how we feed ourselves and has utterly transformed our world in the last 100 years. However with all their benefits, most of these technologies, such as cell phones, microwave ovens, laptops and Smart Meters, also come with potentially enormous risks to our health and our environment.

Geneen Roth: Lost and Found In December 2008, author and teacher, Geneen Roth received a phone call informing her that Bernie Madoff had been arrested for running a ponzi scheme. In that moment 30 years of retirement savings were gone. Geneen recounts those harrowing days following the devastating news and how she found the resources within herself to not only recover but to discover the real value in her life, and to thrive again.

Dr. Gwen Scott: Aerosol Spraying-Mitigating the Harm to Your Health One of the more frightening practices occurring today, without the public’s consent, is the deliberate spraying of sub-microscopic particulate toxic metals in our atmosphere. This practice known as Aerosol spraying, and commonly referred to as chemtrails, has been the subject of previous Solari Reports. Catherine sat down with Naturopathic Doctor Gwen Scott to discuss this practice, its impact on our health, and actions we can take to protect ourselves.

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