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The Solari Report Digest is our podcast produced monthly from excerpts of the Solari Report briefings. Highlighted topics of SRD #23 are:

  • Catherine's First Quarter Wrap-up
  • Franklin Sanders of The Moneychanger on Precious Metals
  • Blake Levitt on Smart Grids

1st Quarter 2011: Looking Back There was no shortage of big headlines in the first quarter of 2011 what with the epic destruction in Japan after earthquakes, a tsunami, and damaged nuclear reactors, not to mention yet another military operation by the U.S. in Libya. All this turmoil has many wondering just how much more can the global economy take before we see a collapse. Catherine addresses this concern and offers some perspectives on what is more likely to occur, and has been occurring, even as the ground beneath us shakes. Read the blog post . . .

Precious Metals Market Report In our continuing series of top ten dates in the history of Precious Metals in America, Franklin Sanders of The MoneyChanger takes us back to the year 1935, to examine a series of decisive Supreme Court decisions that essentially close the case on any legal recourse to the Gold Seizures Act of the previous year. Read the blog post . . .

Beware the Smart Grid with B. Blake Levitt In February the Solari Report hosted science writer Blake Levitt to discuss the proliferation of man-made electromagnetic radiation in the world around us, and the risks posed by wireless technologies. She returned again in April to discuss in more depth the dangers of smart grids, which are being embraced and mandated by more and more utility companies.

What makes the smart grid "smart" is the ability to sense, monitor, and even control (automatically or remotely) how the system operates. And though touted as a cost saver for consumers, smart grids provide an unprecedented level of control over household electrical systems, and could actually end up costing more than safer alternatives.
 Read the blog post . . .

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Up next on The Solari Report, Catherine's speaks with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson about National Security. Don't miss it on Thursday, May 5, 2011.

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