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"Men who can both be right and sit tight are uncommon. Do not try to sell and buy back (core positions) on reactions in a bull market."
~ Jesse Livermore
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For the next two weeks, I will be briefing Solari Report subscribers on "unpacking financial and investment advice." This Thursday, I will focus on financial advice in Part I.

I am increasingly alarmed at the time I spend persuading individual clients and subscribers to ignore or be more selective when sorting through advice consumed through TV, Internet and other media and sometimes combined with market manipulations that play on fear and greed.

It's time to step back and review some “best practices” on managing your assets and accessing financial and investment commentary and advice that serves your interests. I want to “talk turkey” about censorship and material omissions that protect the dirty players as well as the tricks that they use to engage in financial fraud.

As examples, I will "unpack" financial advice from a wide selection of popular TV and radio commentators, including Dave Ramsey, Robert Kiyosakyi, Suze Orman, Pat Robertson, and Jim Kramer, numerous luminaries of the “financial blogosphere” as well as some of my favorites, the American Institute of Economic Research, Bob Sullivan of The Red Tape Chronicles and Franklin Sanders of The Moneychanger.

More at the blog.

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Canadian Tax Probe in Gold Sector

Claiming widespread tax fraud in the gold refining and trading sector, Revenue Quebec and police investigators this week conducted searches and seizures at 70 locations in and around Montreal Island and as far as St. Bernard de Lacolle. No arrests were announced, but the tax department said Thursday it had reason to believe several individuals were involved in producing false invoices for a number of companies. One of the targeted sites was the downtown Montreal location of Kitco, a major buyer and seller of gold.

E-Mail to a Member of the New Jersey Education Association

Re: NJ Senate Budget Committee hearing on proposed pension and health benefit legislation. Supported by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Governor Chris Christie. Catherine: Teachers are non-violent, low paid, a high percentage are women, they are quite large in numbers and their collective bargaining rights and benefits are managed at the state level with separately identified pension funds. So cutting teacher benefits is the perfect place to abrogate contracts and benefits first.

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