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"Losing the rule of law is too great to call it a mere excess. It is a catastrophe. It is the heart, mind and soul between the people and their government."
~ Tom Ball
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I am doing a series on "unpacking financial and investment advice."

I am increasingly alarmed at the time I spend persuading individual clients and subscribers to ignore or be more selective when sorting through advice consumed through TV, Internet and other media and sometimes combined with market manipulations that play on fear and greed. It is serious business when real money is at stake.

Last Thursday, in Part I, we talked about how to access, filter and apply sound financial advice. Here is some of the feedback:

  • "Have listened to last weeks Solari Report 3xs. OUTSTANDING."
  • "Wow. Your investment matrix and the 9 points are SO VALUABLE!…I felt the game of life move up another level of serious."

The MP3 file of Part I is posted for Subscribers in the Archive of Previous Calls.

This Thursday, I will focus on investment advice in Part II.

It's time to step back and review some "best practices" on dealing with investments and the investment world. That includes "talking turkey" about some of the tactics and dirty tricks used to trigger fear and greed and how to avoid falling into the traps.

More at the blog.

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Tom Ball's Death Cry

From Tom Ball’s Suicide Letter: "Betty Friedan wrote that the feminist revolution, like any revolution, would have its excesses. Losing the rule of law is too great to call it a mere excess. It is a catastrophe. It is the heart, mind and soul between the people and their government. These feelings of betrayal by losing it may be permanent. I have 21 years of Army service going back to the Vietnam War. My loyalty to the government should be a given. It is gone. I am certain it will never return regardless of how long I might have lived."

Eurozone Brinksmanship: Ministers Walk Back Greek Rollover Commitment, Demand Austerity MeasuresFirst

One of the interesting features of the seemingly unending Eurozone crisis is that the half life of rescue measures is decreasing. The elephant in the room, which we will put aside to focus on the current state of play, is that everyone knows the Greek debts must be restructured. To have Greece pay out punitive rates on past debt will simply grind the economy into a deeper hole, worsening its debt to GDP ratio and eroding its physical and human infrastructure.

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Nothing in this Solari Update should be taken as individual investment advice. Anyone seeking investment advice for his or her personal financial situation is advised to seek out a qualified advisor or advisors and provide as much information as possible to the advisor in order that such advisor can take into account all relevant circumstances, objectives, and risks before rendering an opinion as to the appropriate investment strategy.

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