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"It seems like this is a week where a lot of people could fathom the idea of using silver and gold to pay for things! This is how you start a local/global currency – it’s the JUST DO IT currency!"
~ Catherine Austin Fitts
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Your precious metals dealer calls you back when you are having lunch with a friend. You wanted Krugerrands, but he is offering a special discount on British Sovereigns. If you check the Equivalents page on your new iPhone app from the Silver & Gold Payment, you can quick get the melt value for both coins -- and many others that he may have in inventory. It makes buying and selling so much easier. are having a repair done to your porch and the builder is interested in being paid with coins. Just put in the amount you want to pay and the currency you are using and the Silver & Gold Payment Calculator will tell you how much you need to pay in gold and silver coins.

OR... for your sister's birthday, you want to give her gold or silver coins. Just input in the amount and the Silver & Gold Payment Calculator will generate a report on how to pay that amount in silver or gold.

OR...when you are traveling outside your home currency area, you use a calculator to translate prices between the local currency and the currency you use. Right? Translating currency prices to silver and gold is a similar process. Solari and The Moneychanger have created the iPhone app because you never know these days when you might need to buy, sell or pay with silver or gold.

Our feed from Gold Money provides spot prices in Australian Dollars, Brazilian Reals, Swiss Francs, Chinese Yuan, Deutsche Marks, Euros, French Francs, British Pounds, Hong Kong Dollars, Indonesia Rupees, Italian Liras, Japanese Yen, Kuwait Dollars, Turkish New Liras, US Dollars and South African Rands.

Wherever you are - Solari and The Moneychanger want your precious metals to work for you - whenever you want!

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