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This Thursday night on The Solari Report is our 3rd Quarter Wrap Up. These quarterly wrap ups are a time when I like to take the long view - particularly as to investment trends and what it means to your personal and asset strategies. We will talk about the slow burn – will it continue or is a significant melt down of the kind we saw in 2008 likely?

Also – why in the face of all the bad news do I continue to be optimistic about the long term trends? If you have not listened to my interview with Adam Trombly on Zero Point Energy, I encourage you to do so.

Money and Markets will be integrated into my review of the most important trends impacting both immediate and long term assets values. In Let's Go to the Movies, a review of the movie Longitude and what it says about the role of technology and innovation in the economy ahead.

More at the blog.

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Catherine Austin Fitts' Blog  

William M. Diefenderfer: The Financial Hit Man of Student Loans

Bill Diefenderfer was Dick Darman's Deputy at the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) when I served as Assistant Secretary of Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner during the first Bush Administration. While many other players in Washington were pontificating and spinning platitudes while engineering insider transactions and legal and tax compromises that were good for their group and bad for the country, the people at OMB were some of the few that were grounded in reality and concerned about the whole. [Article is now available to the public.] ...

Dick Cheney's Fluffernutter

Sinclair Lewis once said “When fascism comes to American it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” Dick Cheney’s new autobiography goes light on the religion, and doubles up on the flag, apple pie, kids, grandkids and down home homilies. It is the literary equivalent of a fluffernutter - an amazing amount of goo poured between slices of white bread. I read Cheney’s book In My Time because I wanted to see how he could explain his political history inside the constricting boundaries of the official reality. ...

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