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"If we can recognize that change and uncertainty are basic principles, we can greet the future and the transformation we are undergoing with the understanding that we do not know enough to be pessimistic."
~ Hazel Henderson
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This week Franklin Sanders and I will be joined by attorney and constitutional scholar Edwin Vieira, author of Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution. We will be talking about the Constitutional basis for our current currency system as well as new developments underway, including state legislative efforts to support the use of silver and gold in daily transactions. Edwin is working on a new book. Hopefully, he can update us on it – it is quite exciting. I also want to touch on ill-advised efforts to open up and compromise the Constitution in the guise of "grassroots reform."

We will start with Money & Markets and Franklin's update on the gold and silver markets. Franklin and I will focus on questions on precious metals. Post your questions in the comments section for this blog post.

In Let's Go the Movies, we offer this excellent interview of Edwin Vieira by James Turk earlier this year. It includes a discussion of what happened in America long ago when our continental currency collapsed and the importance of our constitutional framework in such a circumstance.

More at the blog.

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Catherine Austin Fitts' Blog  

Bye, Bye BAC

Just in time for "Bank Transfer Day", my mortgage refinance completed Friday and I ran (not walked) as fast as I could away from the old one. While I am not tethered to any large financial institution in my personal life (I do actually practice what I preach), I am embarrassed to say my prior home loan was with BAC. I can say that my experience with BAC was wretched and went so far they actually threatened to not only affect my credit score (which is over 800) but also affect my access to credit just because of my inquiry to find who actually held my loan (BAC or MERS). ...

How to Find a Good Local Bank

[Published in 2005, this checklist was designed to help people shift from large banks whose incentives are out of alignment with people and living systems to community banks, savings banks and credit unions that circulate more resources locally and perceive their role as helping local business and families succeed. Shifting our deposits and financial transactions to financial institutions that have an incentive to help us succeed can make a profound difference in the course of events.] ...

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Edwin Vieira Interview
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