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"The most essential aspect of life is not the isolated thing, whether a subatomic particle or full-fledged living being. It is the relationship itself: the inseparable, reducible Bond. This connection-the space in between-holds the key to the life of every organism, from subatomic particles to large-scale societies, and also the key to our viable future."
~ Lynne McTaggart
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This Thursday evening on The Solari Report (6pm PT/9pm ET) we are in for a real treat. I will be speaking with someone who has long been a favorite thinker and author – Lynne McTaggart.

I first become intensely interested in shared intelligence and group learning in the 1990′s when my company was building databases and software tools that would allow us to understand and simulate the U.S. economy and financial markets by place on a very intimate level.

Grossly oversimplified, we observed that the economy was optimizing around clusters of knowledge rather than financial returns. I felt compelled to learn more about how communities learn, share knowledge and change. If human and intellectual capital was increasingly creating financial wealth for companies, how could it create civic and financial wealth for families and communities? These questions were at the heart of my quest to help decentralize our economy in wealth building ways.

In 2003, Lynne published The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe which reviewed a wide range of research in physics, biology and other scientific areas that support the notion of the zero point field, or the so-called “field.” The implications for our understanding of our relation to each other, to all living things and our reality were both exciting and profound.

Lynne is a clear thinker and excellent writer. Her ability to stay current on the latest science in multiple, complex fields and make this information accessible and relevant to laypeople like me is invaluable.

More at the blog.

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Social Security Trust Fund

With so many Americans reliant on Social Security for their retirement I find it helpful to check in a couple of times a year and see what, if anything, has changed. Bruce Krasting is one of the guys I lean on to weed through the sanitized information/data that is provided to the public and give an honest, accurate assessment of SS's real condition. I have long been saying the day of reckoning for Social Security will be here much sooner than we are being told and as such those that listen and get prepared now will be impacted the least. ...

Wikipedia to Join Wednesday's SOPA/PIPA Blackout

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, announced on Twitter Monday that the popular site would go dark in protest of SOPA and PIPA, two controversial anti-piracy bills in Congress. It's not quite a return to card catalogs, but Googling that tidbit of information on the tip of your tongue will take a little bit longer on Wednesday: According to co-founder Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia will be dark. ...

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