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Always align your investments with the primary trend.

    ~ Franklin Sanders

I'm in Southern California and Franklin is at Top of the World Farm in Tennessee. One of the reasons I love doing the Precious Metals Market Report when I am on the road is enjoying quality time with Franklin. Given the markets these days, we are mighty pressed to find time, particularly when the markets are open.

It's tax time, with corporate taxes due next week and personal taxes due on April 15th. We will also cover some of the key issues that relate to precious metals. Two of Solari Special Reports are relevant: Foreign Financial Filing Requirements - 2011 and Selected Tax Issues to Consider When Investors Move or Exchange Precious Metals Holdings.

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Catherine on Living in Faith

Catherine spoke last week on "Living in Faith" ... about the big issues this encompasses like: faith, freedom, leadership, and love. There is no point in more financial engineering if we don't deal with the heart of the problem. Our economic and financial issues are symptoms of a much deeper problem. So, first, I want to talk about living in faith - gathering the power to be honest with each other and to rebuild the integrity and trust required.

Subscribers can download or listen to the MP3 file of the Report. A transcript will be available this week.

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