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The time came when they [partners] wanted some shares, so they could take part in the growth, and so we just sold them to them.

~ C. Douglas Dillon, Chairman of Dillon, Read & Co. Inc.

Nearly every week, I have a subscriber or client tell me that they, a family member or someone they may help finance is starting a new business. Almost all of them are uncertain about how to create a legal structure for their business, one that reflects an effective governance and capital structure that can energize an enterprise from start up to successful operations.

My goal this week is to make that task easier for you and yours.

First, we will be speaking with entrepreneur Debbie Landers, from Hohenwald, Tennessee. Debbie started her career as a nurse, then founded a school at her husband’s church, then the Tennessee Association of Non-Public Academic Schools, not to mention starting a restaurant, leading the Financial Permaculture conference and serving as the President of the Chamber of Commerce for several years.

Debbie and I will be joined by attorney Carolyn Betts and entrepreneur and private investor, Paul Ferguson.

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Catherine spoke with Franklin Sanders of The Moneychanger last week. Franklin described his testimony in a Tennessee court case regarding taxation of precious metals sales. They answered questions about when to buy gold and silver, and is the cost of gold and silver manipulated in the market.

Subscribers can download or listen to the MP3 file of the Report. A transcript will be available this week.

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The Face of Gold and Silver Price Volatility

Jeff Clark, Casey Research writes: On February 29, gold dropped 4.8% and silver 6.2% (based on London fix prices). That's quite the fall for one day. We’ve seen prices that have risen that much, too. But as I’m about to show, these ain't nothin', baby.

Derek Paravicini

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