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"The trouble with this country is that you can’t win an election without the oil bloc, and you can’t govern with it."
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

This Thursday, veteran journalist and author Jim Norman joins us to talk about the energy markets. What is happening in the oil and gas industry and what does it mean in terms of geopolitics and financial and commodities markets?

Jim is the author of The Oil Card and, after Franklin Sanders, has joined us on the Solari Report more than any other commentator. (See blog posts: 5.19.2011, 6.17.2010, 3.19.2010.) I consider Jim’s unique insight into what is happening in the energy world to be invaluable.

Perhaps the most important question for the US economy is whether the growing oil and gas reserves will make America both self sufficient and competitive.

  • Can a high oil price checkmate China, while a low natural gas price keeps American manufacturing competitive in the global markets?
  • And what about all the impact of new technologies – whether in the oil patch or in renewable energy?
More in the blog post ...

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  Subscribers Brunch in San Jose

What a wonderful brunch we had this weekend in San Jose! Australian Tony Brigstock and his beautiful family played host. Tony is a former PGA tour golfer who is now teaching and happens to be an incredible chef - multiple mouthwatering courses flowed from the kitchen.

Our Solari Report subscribers in the Silicon Valley area are fascinating people — all ages, lots of different skills, experiences and nationalities and of course lots of entrepreneurial spirit and interests.

Municipal Bond Disclosure: Great Source for Taxpayers and Voters Too!

Want to learn more about your state and local government? If they issue official statements in connection with issuance of their notes and bonds, these documents can provide significant economic and financial data to help you understand where your state and local tax dollars go and general information on your local economy. This is useful background for assessing candidates and their policies during elections this year.You can access these documents at the website for the Municipal Securities Rule Making Board.

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