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We think of film as a bullet that ignites consciousness. We must serve as the stone that breaks silence, or the bullet that starts the battle.
      ~ Raymundo Gleyzerg

In March, Jon and I did a Special called “Let’s Go to the Movies.” We each chose five movies that are powerful in explaining the world around us. It was hit!

So we are going to do it again but this time we will review our five (each) favorite documentaries.

If you enjoy documentaries, make sure to check out the special list I did on food documentaries – “Catherine’s List of Top Food Documentaries & Movies.” We have also covered lots of excellent documentaries in the Let’s Go to the Movies segment. You can find a complete list of all the films reviewed through the end of 2011 in the appendix of the January 2012 Annual Wrap Up. Both lists are linked from your Subscriber Resource Page.

More in the blog post ...

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Subscribers can download or listen to the MP3 file of the Report. A transcript will be available this week.

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The Commodity Megatrend

Commodities have experienced a renaissance after the bursting of the internet bubble at the end of the 20th century. The new and long-term upward trend began with most commodities in late 1990s and already lasts nearly 15 years. During this time, most commodity prices manifold strongly.

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[Excerpt from our Annual Wrap Up in January 2012] - This year was my first opportunity to meet a lot of Solari Report subscribers in person. I was astonished as I learned story after story of people who literally hold the world together. Let me tell you about yourselves. You’re people who take care of business. You start and run businesses or work in very interesting ways. You’re professionals. You’re engineers. You’re unbelievably giving.

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