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"They make me feel like 'I matter' and that's just good banking 'cents'."
~ Ginger Warner Shouse, winner of the "I Love My Community Bank Because..." Contest

You are in for a real treat this Thursday night – the next generation of community bankers!

In 2004 and 2005, I published an article and audio seminar, “Where Would Jesus Bank?” We got so many requests that we published a checklist outlining the process of finding a new bank: My Bank: How Do I Find a Great Local Bank?

Solari and I bank at the National Bank of Malvern in Malvern Pennsylvania, which is owned and managed by several generations of cousins. Current chairman Lydia Willits Bartholomew joined me for a Solari Report in 2009 for a discussion on how to find a local bank.

This Thursday night, Lydia’s daughter and son, Jamie Bartholomew Aller and Andrew Bartholomew will join me to provide the latest information on a finding and building a successful relationship with your local bankers.

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