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"Whom the gods would destroy, they first subsidize."
~ George Roche

It's time for the Precious Metals Market Report. We certainly have plenty to talk about. Franklin will be updating us on the latest developments and outlook in the gold and silver market. In response to your questions, we will also be addressing options for hedging precious metals.

For our discussion of hedging, we will be joined by my Sea Lane Advisory partner Chuck Gibson. Chuck is the managing member of Financial Perspectives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a gifted investment advisor, a clear thinker and great teacher on financial subjects.

More in the blog post ...

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Ecovillages with Macaco Tamerice

Catherine had an engaging conversation with Macaco Tamerice, resident of Damanhur Ecovillage in Italy. See the blog post.

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  Chinese Offer £1.3Bn for Metal Exchange

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, which counts the Chinese government among it shareholders, is understood to have tabled a £1.3bn offer for the City's last "open cry" market, and a decision is expected to be announced within days.

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