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"So many books, so little time."
~ Frank Zappa

For several years, one of the top questions from Solari Report subscribers has been "What are the best books to help me understand what is really going on?" Inspired by your questions, I invited Jon Rappoport to join me to describe the best books for the 21st century. We did Part 1 in June. Coming up this week is Part 2!

On Friday, we will also post the runner ups -- books I love and that I could not imagine living without that did not quite make it into my top ten picks.

I will start with Money & Markets and Ask Catherine, so post any questions or events you want me to cover this week. Also, please post the books you find the most useful for helping you navigate this crazy, wonderful world of ours. It would be great to have quite a rich collection gathered for many subscribers.

In Let's Go to the Movies, Jon and I will discuss three of this summer's popular movie offerings: Prometheus, The Avengers and Men in Black 3.  As I noted in the 2nd Quarter Wrap-Up, these three films are just a few of the alien cinematic invasions that have been released this year.

Talk to you Thursday!

More in the blog post ...

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Catherine spoke with Franklin Sanders of The Moneychanger in our most recent Solari Report. Their discussion covered recent rules changes in international banking and what they may mean for gold, the possibility of deflation, and the upcoming Transformations Gathering in Tennessee. See the blog post

Subscribers can download or listen to the MP3 file of the Report. A transcript will be available this week.

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Lunch with Catherine

Interested in Lunch With Catherine?

If you are a Solari Report subscriber, you are cordially invited to meet and have lunch with Catherine Austin Fitts at one of the many places she will be traveling to. This will provide an opportunity for you to meet Catherine in person and to get together with other Solari Report subscribers in your area.

She will be in:

  • East Troy, Wisconsin on Saturday, August 18

  • Murfreesboro, Tennessee on Saturday, December 1

Subscribers can RSVP here.

Please Join Me in Support of Congresswoman Kaptur
Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur has been fearless in her efforts to protect average Americans from mortgage and financial fraud and to remind her colleagues of what counts and works on Main Street. Trained in urban planning and experienced in the nuts and bolts of local economies, she is now the most senior member of the Ohio Congressional delegation. She sits on the powerful appropriations committee where her voice makes a real difference.

The Consumer Price Index:Measuring the Changing Value of Money
Think back a few years. How much did a gallon of gasoline cost then? A loaf of bread? A 10 inch sausage pizza? A movie ticket? Almost undoubtedly these items now cost more in dollar terms. There is a tendency for prices of most goods to increase, even goods that have no obvious quality improvement.

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