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Equity Markets: The View from Silicon Valley

"The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do."
-- B. F. Skinner

Are you surprised by the strength of the U.S. equity markets this year? One of the primary trends fueling that strength is new technology. Technology and innovation is a trend that will be impacting our lives and our investments for a long time. Whether inspiring or terrifying, it's here and it's impact is accelerating.

Improvements in drilling technology have led to significant growth in domestic oil and gas reserves and could do the same globally. Resulting drops in natural gas prices are leading to the integration of LNG motors in trucks and LNG export facilities. The economics of solar and other renewable technologies also continue to improve. Then, of course, the wildcard beckons: are free energy technologies possible?

Robotics are making a practical difference in diverse industries -- everything from surgical systems to floor-cleaning. But what will the impact of robotics be on employment over the next decade? What happens if fast food franchises replace employees with robots?

Since 2003, gold has increased in value by approximately 500%, silver has increased by 800%, and the stock of the leading maker of surgical systems has increased by over 4,000%. Health sciences is pushing into numerous new frontiers:

  • Software and robotics have made new surgical systems possible
  • Composite materials and nanotechnology now build tiny medical devices
  • 3-D printers have the potential to grow human organs for transplant

Smart phones and pads are shifting computing power away from the desktop inspiring the evolution of digital payment and currency systems and reinventing the delivery of advertising, entertainment and data.

This Thursday, I'll be joined on The Solari Report by Chuck Gibson, my partner in Sea Lane Advisory, LLC located in the Bay Area. Chuck and I will brief you on these and other technologies that are impacting equity markets and equity investors.

The theme for our discussion will be Ready or not, here it comes! Our goal is that Solari Report subscribers will indeed be ready to understand the powerful developments heading our way.

I'll also discuss Other People's Money, a film that explores the creative destruction occurring in equity markets and communities as a result of new technology. Danny Devito's speech to stockholders is absolutely riveting ... and more timely today than it was 20 years ago. I strongly encourage you to watch it on the blog.

-- Catherine Austin Fitts 


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