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"We merge all knowledge into a holistic perception of space. We try to think in terms of the Universe not just on the scale of a person separate from the world. Our thought should encompass the whole creation."
-- Student of Mikhail Schetinin’s school in Tekos, Russia

With QE3 now underway, Franklin Sanders and I have been debating whether or not the "slow burn" will continue and if there is a chance of hyperinflation. We will share our discussions with you this week, including my assessment of the tools at hand for G-20 central banks and treasuries to continue to engineer the slow burn.

In this context, I want to revisit the lies inherent in the "fiscal cliff" covered in last week's Solari Report. Federal budget reengineering and QE3 are a Congressional-Central Bank 1-2 punch on household budgets in 2013. They need to be viewed as an integrated package for purposes of dealing with economic warfare.

In Let's Go to the Movies, I will look at The School: Humanity's New Future, a documentary film about the students of Mikhail Schetinin's school in Tekos, Russia. It is one of the most inspiring documentaries I have ever seen.

This Thursday, I'll be talking to you from Tennessee. I'm flying back to join Franklin for the Precious Metals Market Report and then for the Transformations & Renewals Gathering this coming weekend. We still have five spaces available -- sign up now if you want to join us!

-- Catherine Austin Fitts 


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The Fiscal Cliff Official Story
Now that fiscal year, 2013 is underway, the focus is shifting to the changes underway to reengineer the federal finances. I will be writing a lot about how you can "jump the curve" on the household and community impact. Check out the upcoming quarterly wrap up on the Solari Report next week for an introduction to this topic. The federal budget reengineering depends on an official story that is deeply false. However, it helps to understand the official story to understand the lies being spun. Here is one presentation. One of the goals of the following video is to affirm the credibility of David Walker, former head of the GAO, who is being positioned as the "fiscal cliff liar-in-chief."

Corporate America: We Want to Track You
On Monday, an extraordinary letter went out from a who's who of major corporations claiming a mandate to track all of us on the internet. In tone and substance, it is an amazing, over-the-top screed against efforts to give consumers even modest controls over who watches us as we surf online.


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