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Secular Trends in the U.S. Equity Markets

"The four most dangerous words in investing are 'This time it's different'"
-- Sir John Templeton

This Thursday, Chuck Gibson, Catherine's partner at Sea Lane Advisory, LLC, joins her on our quarterly Equity Market Report for an in-depth review of the U.S. equity markets.

This one involves a thorough analysis and charts of the long-term trends that inform our expectations for 2013.

Solari Report subscribers will find this an excellent addition to the material in our Annual Wrap up where we look at the “deeper news” and what to expect in the year ahead.

I will start with Money and Markets and Ask Catherine. Please post your questions on the blog.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, a review of “The Bank,” an Australian thriller about a mathematician who believes he has found the combination of chaos theory and fractal geometry that can indeed predict the stock market. This is another movie that connects foreclosures and what is happening “in the streets” to the boardrooms and global financial markets.


From The Blog

Obama demands quick action to raise debt limit
'Not a deadbeat nation:' Obama says Congress must act quickly to raise the US debt ceiling.

Visionary Internet Activist Aaron Swartz Found Dead; Was This Brilliant Internet Revolutionary ‘Taken Out?’
Adding to the list of mysterious deaths that have happened over the last few days, internet visionary and brilliant internet activist Aaron Swartz was found dead yesterday. Swartz, only 26 years old, was the co-founder of, the co-creator of RSS technology, and the key activist who achieved a stunning defeat of the freedom-crushing SOPA / PIPA bills in the U.S. Congress.

Guns Protect Honest People-Catherine Austin Fitts

What Government Fears Most: Blacks and Whites United With Guns


Coming Clean Beyond the Fiscal Cliff

As we look over the fiscal cliff into our financial abyss, now is a good time to “Come Clean” about the real state of our lives, our communities, and our economy, starting with the U.S. federal finances that flow deeply and intimately throughout every aspect of our lives.

This Solari Special Report includes (22) challenges we must address to put our federal fiscal house in order.

Read the complete article here.

Just A Taste

View a video excerpt from Catherine Austin Fitts' recent Money & Markets segment on The Solari Report:

"The international story hands down is the slow-down in the economy and we're seeing it reported from every corner of the world. It's reported everywhere that the complexity and the cost of central control continue to contribute to slowing up the economy. It's almost a spiders web of Orwellian expense and political risk."  Watch the video...

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