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Getting to Success with Kimberly and Foster Gamble

“What is a thriving world? To me it is a world based on integrity, individual freedom, and voluntary cooperation. It’s a world where not just some, but everyone gets to live the fullest life possible.”
~~ Foster Gamble

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week on the Solari Report, I am joined by Kimberly Carter Gamble and her husband Foster Gamble, the creators of the documentary Thrive. We will discuss how to organize effective groups of people to bring about powerful and positive changes. This is something with which Kimberly and Foster have lots of experience. Check out their Solutions Toolkit, a remarkable process that emerged from their successful campaign to prevent the brown moth spraying plans in California.

My hope is after listening to Kimberly and Foster and understanding how to use their Solutions Hub, your confidence and ability in organizing and participating in effective actions will grow.

In Money & Markets this week I will be discussing the ongoing struggle to centralize control, including the connections between the gold smack down, the Boston bombing, CISPA and bitcoin.

You can’t talk to Foster and Kimberly without addressing a very important film. We reviewed it in 2012 when it premiered, but it is must-see documentary so we will highlight it again. So this week in Let’s Go to the Movies, we will discuss Foster and Kimberly’s film Thrive. It is a film that addresses and offers solutions to the question, “What on earth will it take for everyone on Earth to not only survive, but thrive?” The film is now available in 24 languages and has been seen by many millions. Foster and Kimberly will update us on what the response to the film has taught them about the practical pathways to a thriving world.

Watch the entire movie here.

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