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Coming Clean: My Water is Wonderful with Dan Hillard

“If you gave me several million years, there would be nothing that did not grow in beauty if it were surrounded by water.”
~~ Jan Erik Vold

By Catherine Austin Fitts

One of the advantages of serving as Assistant Secretary of Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner was that I got to meet hundreds of exceptional experts in the world of housing and real estate. After leaving that position, I chose the one I considered the smartest and most experienced about both real estate and value creation throughout an entire community. I asked her what was the single most important variable that contributed to the success of a place. Without a second’s hesitation, she looked me straight in the eye and said one word – “water.”

Having clean water is essential for life and health. I live in a farming community and have the benefit of my own well and a whole house filter. As I travel, I experience a wide variation in the availability and quality of water. I see the impact that excellence in water quality has on people’s health and economic vitality.

Bottom line: if you want a happy home and vibrant health, you need to make sure your water is excellent.

This week on The Solari Report I will be speaking to Dan Hillard, Director of Marketing since 2002 at LifeSource Water Systems about how to ensure that your household water is of the highest quality. Based in Pasadena, California, LifeSource is a family business that has been developing water systems for residential, commercial, and industrial application since 1984.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Water – The Great Mystery, a 2008 documentary that explores the unique properties of water and explores recent theories and research seeking to improve our understanding and appreciation of water.

Watch the trailer here.

I will start with Money & Markets and so post your question at the blog.

Talk to you Thursday!


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