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The Matrix is a Covert Operation with Jon Rappoport

“I speak of peace, while covert enmity under the smile of safety wounds the world.”
~~ William Shakespeare

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I was describing a “limited modified hangout” the other day, and got a request to do a Solari Report on the topic. Upon reflection, I realized that the master of teaching how such false stories, indeed whole maps of false realities, are engineered is our very own Jon Rappoport. So I asked Jon if he would create a report for you that explains “limited modified hangouts” – what they are and how they are used.

If I were going to develop a curriculum called “The Real Deal 101,” this recording would be mandatory listening in it. Jon does a brilliant job of describing “limited modified hangouts,” and then proceeds to scale up from how they are individually constructed and applied, to the wider hangouts that protect a covert system built around a clear strategic goal of draining and limiting your power.

My goal – as it is with so many Solari Report’s – is to help you see the game and become that much more immune to these kinds of institutional lies and spin. That is an important step to restoring and renewing your personal power.

Jon delivers and more – underscoring fundamental insights essential to help each of us “exit the matrix.”

It’s Jon’s show this week - so no Money & Markets or Let’s Go to the Movies. Do post your questions for us on the blog!


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