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2nd Quarter Wrap-up

“The world needs a wake up call, gentlemen. We’re gonna phone it in.”
~~ Gilbert, They Live

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Please join me for the July 4th fireworks on the Solari Report!

We will review the top 10 stories of the 2nd Quarter and connect the dots to the extraordinary swing of the financial pendulum back towards North America.

G-7 and the developed nations are calling capital homewards. The resulting squeeze in the emerging market and tax havens is rocking through the commodities and precious metals markets, while US equities move higher and pundits declare it is morning in America again. The Fed has cleaned the balance sheets of their member banks of questionable mortgage securities and returned bank stocks to pre-bailout levels.

One one hand, it is part of the ebb and flow of the long term re-balancing of the global economy. On the other hand, the force behind this move reminds us, “what Mr. Global gives, Mr. Global can take away.”

The NSA reminds us that one of the things that has been taken away is personal, financial and economic privacy. Our personal digital systems are feeding a insider trading apparatus.

We will be talking about what is next and what it means to you.

Our theme for 2013 is “Coming Clean.” Seeing things as they are is an essential part of the coming clean process. Please do let me know your questions and concerns – I want to make sure this Wrap Up leaves you with a strong sense of coherence – you see the deeper patterns in the flow of disparate events and your pathway forward.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review the BBC series Wallander about Swedish detective Kurt Wallander, a deeply moral man struggling to maintain his balance in the face of the violence and perversion he experiences. In the process, he inspires us to feel the power of our intuition and humanity to make sure things come out right.

This week's report will be live and the mp3 will be available to subscribers in the blogpost and archive the following day. Please note that after this week we will be using our new format where the recorded interview will be available to subscribers Thursday mornings while Money & Markets and Ask Catherine will be live Thursday night.

Talk to you Thursday!


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Moscow Exchange Launches First Precious Metals Trading
The stock exchange is going to start trading gold and silver by the end of this year, and platinum and palladium in 2014. Trading physical metals is expected to boost liquidity in the market and attract more participants.

U.S. Needs More Time on Overseas Swaps, Democratic Senators Say
U.S. regulators will inject risk into the derivatives market if they don’t take more time to coordinate Dodd-Frank Act rules with their overseas counterparts, six Democratic senators said.

U.S. Tops Confidence Survey on Foreign Investment, Displaces China
After a 12-year hiatus, the United States reclaimed first place among top executives in a survey on foreign direct investment sentiment, displacing China as it makes progress toward sustainable and steady economic growth, a study showed on Wednesday.

Vatican Bank Director and Deputy Resign Amid Scandal

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