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Precious Metals Market Report with James Turk and Franklin Sanders

“Things don’t turn up in this world unless somebody turns them up.”
~~ James A. Garfield

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Are you being rocked and rolled by the gold and silver markets? Then you will want to hear my interview this coming week with James Turk of Gold Money and Franklin Sanders of The Moneychanger about events in the precious metals market and what they see going ahead.

Is the primary trend intact? Or is it possible that the primary trend upwards is over? What has been driving gold and silver prices down? How much is a slow down in global growth and how much is concerted actions by G-7 governments and central banks? What is happening in the physical markets in America, Europe and Asia? What do James and Franklin expect this summer? What does the dramatic fall in bullion prices and commodities mean for the global mining industry? We have a lot to cover, so make sure to post your question for James and Franklin by Monday night.

I will be joining you live on Thursday night to cover Money & Markets and answer your questions in Ask Catherine.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review the second film in the Atlas Shrugged film trilogy that addresses what happens to America when centralized forces manage asset prices and markets and shut off economic and technological innovation.

Please note that this week we will be using our new format where the recorded interview will be available to subscribers Thursday morning while Money & Markets and Ask Catherine will be live Thursday night.

Talk to you Thursday!


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Solari Stories – Scandals, Control Files, and Blackmail

Do you want to know what's really going on? Watch our weekly Solari Story:

"It was 1989 at the Department of Housing and Urban Development and a scandal had started called the mod rehab scandal, where fed officials had been steering subsidies to specific projects. You’re not supposed to do that. It’s supposed to be allocated to local agencies and the local agencies are supposed to choose competitive allocations. But federal officials had been steering to specific projects. So there were lots of headlines going on.

And just at that time the undersecretary came to me and said, 'We need to allocate this money specifically to a specific project.' "  Watch the video...

New stories posted on Wednesdays.

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Just A Taste - I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

Get a "taste" of The Solari Report with this video excerpt from last week's report:

"The Wrap Ups are a time when I like to look back and forward and help you stay focused on the primary trends. Staying focused on the primary trends is essential for taking action and not being distracted by the noise. There is plenty of noise and a lot of it can be very misleading unless you connect the dots."  Watch the video...


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