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Coming Clean, Transforming Lives through the Power of Cleaning with Eunice Boston

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Eunice Boston is a truly remarkable woman. She is the founder of EBT Associates, a company that provides sophisticated cleaning and facilities services to homes and businesses in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area.

Eunice does not just clean your space. She transforms your space in a way that transforms you. She was the person who taught me about the power of cleaning both the visible and the invisible in a space – call it the energetic healing of places.

I am far from the only person who feels this way. The EBT client list includes celebrities, major institutions and the rich and famous of New York.

Eunice has a habit of attracting executives from Wall Street and the corporate world into cleaning. Two colleagues join her on this Solari Report, Millie Palmer and Courtney McFarquhar, who both came from the financial services industry, inspired by Eunice’s vision of an entirely different way to create and serve.

In this interview, we talk about the power of cleaning to transform the beauty of your home, your attitude, your health and last but not least, to provide spiritual protection for you, your family and your business. I know. It was Eunice and her team that literally saved my life. You will hear the story on the Solari Report.

We will post our interview on Thursday. In Money & Markets join me live on on Thursday evening for a review of the latest developments in the financial markets and related geopolitical developments. Please post your questions for Ask Catherine on the blog.

Our movie this week is the documentary The Hidden Messages in Water, an interview (Japanese with English translation) with Masaru Emoto about his research on the impact of our thoughts and words on water. To give you a taste, here is a segment from What the Bleep Do We Know!?

I believe that Emoto’s research describes why Eunice and the EBT team can have such a powerful impact on people and their places.

Talk to you Thursday!


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