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Precious Metals Market Report with Franklin Sanders - Sept 12

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week on The Solari Report, we will post my interview with Franklin Sanders of the The Moneychanger about events in the precious metals market.

Precious metals investors are weary from a long consolidation in gold and silver prices from 2011 highs. Even as pawn shops work overtime to attract in as much gold as possible in the face of continued strong demand for bullion, the question hangs over the market, “Is the long term bull market in precious metals over? Was this part of a commodities supercycle that has ended with strong deflationary headwinds? If not, then what is going on?

Recent rises had gold and silver prices up as much as 8% and 25% in August. However, prices are now dropping again.

And if you think gold and silver are down, the mining stocks are truly in the financial dog house.

We are approaching the time of the year which has traditionally been strong for precious metals prices. That means investors are expecting a clear direction to emerge. Either the bull market is over or a primary trend should reassert by next Spring.

Franklin and I will discuss what is happening with gold and silver and what it means to current investors and those looking to acquire more.

We will post the interview on Thursday afternoon. Then join me live for Money & Markets on Thursday evening as I discuss events of the week. Make sure to post your questions on the blog, by e-mail or at the webinar software if you are listening live for Ask Catherine.

Franklin will be joining me from South Carolina this week. So in Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review a uniquely Southern story, A Man Named Pearl. One of my favorite documentaries, it tells the story of one of the greatest living gardeners of the American South, topiary artist Pearl Fryer of Bishopville, South Carolina.

Looking forward to it!


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