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Catherine's Fiscal Cliff Analysis is Finally Here!

"Information is the hardest currency."
-- Andrew Vachss

Imagine that your Government, your Economy, and your World was a house. Imagine that it was an historical mansion in a large, privileged family on a fine property - rich with good land, good water and natural resources that your ancestors originally acquired through surreptitious means.

Imagine that the mansion and estate has serious structural problems that accumulated over many years. The reasons are complex.

There is enormous distrust within the family. As the vigor of the generations dissipated, expenses rose and numerous members have turned to activities that are unproductive at best, or fraudulent and criminal at worst.

Those in charge of family finances were highly distrustful of the collective family intelligence and wisdom, and have mortgaged the estate and cut reinvestment in infrastructure to liquidate as much capital as possible to reinvest abroad - albeit in hidden legal forms. They have engaged in numerous criminal activities, including ones that had significantly harmed the neighborhood economy.

Almost no one in the family objected as allowances continued to be funded, even increased and promises continued to be made. As long as everyone was getting his or her check, most everyone was willing to ignore the deterioration of the real human and physical assets and equity on the family balance sheet. They were also willing to ignore the harm done to their neighbors.

The occasional relative who demanded a financial accounting of what was happening, or was not satisfied with petty bribes of various kinds, was sent packing or to work abroad, or even occasionally dealt with in a way that we pretend never happens - they developed diseases, were admitted to mental institutes, were said to have committed suicide or just disappeared.

So now the day has come when the deterioration in the management of the estate, the growing debt, the structural problems in the mansion and the diminution of the family trusts has necessitated a dramatic reduction in allowances.

The house, the assets, the wealth is slowly burning away. Find out where it all began, where we are now, and where the Fiscal Cliff is leading us here.


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Precious Metals Market Report with Franklin Sanders – January 10
On January 3rd, we did our 2012 Wrap Up. This Thursday, Franklin and Catherine focus in on the precious metals market. What were the most important events in 2012? How did our predictions turn out? What did we get right? What did we get wrong? What do we see coming up for the gold and silver markets in 2013? And what does it mean to you?

They will discuss Catherine's new article publishing on January 8th, "Coming Clean Beyond the Fiscal Cliff" - a serious look at the issues behind re-engineering the federal finances - and the impact on the general economy and households in 2013.

Bank of America Pays Billions in Mortgage Settlements
The mortgage settlements just keep coming. On Monday morning, Bank of America said it reached an agreement to resolve virtually all existing and future claims that it (and mortgage lender Countrywide, which BofA bought in 2008) misrepresented the quality of home loans it sold to Fannie Mae from 2000 through 2008.

John Brennan, Obama’s Drone Warrior
President Barack Obama has nominated his top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, to be the next director of the CIA.

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New SolariToons!

Please enjoy the first SolariToon of 2013. Solari Report cartoonist Bob Parsons designed this for Catherine’s special fiscal cliff article. Read it here.

Enjoy more of Bob Parsons’ work here.

Special thanks to The Moneychanger. We have been enjoying Bob’s cartoons for Franklin Sanders for many years.

Stay tuned for a new SolariToon each month!

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The Building Wealth Collection

This brand new collection offers (5) essential interviews and commentaries from The Solari Report archive selected to provide you with the information you need to build equity in all areas of your life.

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    Just A Taste

    View a video excerpt from Catherine Austin Fitts' recent Money & Markets segment on The Solari Report:

    "The international story hands down is the slow-down in the economy and we're seeing it reported from every corner of the world. It's reported everywhere that the complexity and the cost of central control continue to contribute to slowing up the economy. It's almost a spiders web of Orwellian expense and political risk."  Watch the video...

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