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The Price of Lies

"The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they're lying, they know we know they're lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them."
-- Elena Gorokhova

Health care in the U.S. has become a puzzle palace of laws, rules and lies. Yes, as many have pointed out, there are many fine people working within the system. And, yes, lots of excellent things do take place there. But, navigating the lies has become increasingly dangerous, as they often do more damage than the conditions which people initially seek help for.

This week on The Solari Report, Jon Rappoport explores vaccine related illnesses, autism and the U.S. government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program as a case study of how “reality” can be invented. A child is harmed as a result of taking a vaccine. However, the harm has just begun as the child and his or her family enter into a web of lies that can compound the harm many times over.

Before you enter into the health care system – indeed any institutional system – you are well served to understand how such systems can and do create false realities and manufacture consent.

I hope you will join Jon this week to continue this conversation...

-- Catherine Austin Fitts 

What QE3 Really Means

QE3 is fundamentally different from QE1 and QE2 in that the Fed has not put a limit on what they're going to do. They are not saying 'We're going to stop at such and such a time.' One of the things they're doing – and it's very unusual – is tying QE3 to the unemployment rate. So they're saying 'We're going to keep doing this until we're not worried about unemployment anymore.'

The thing that makes Bernanke's tying this to unemployment so politically brilliant and really so vicious is that, to date, the way that we have offset the monetary inflation that comes from quantitative easing and the loose monetary policy is with labor deflation. I have spoken many times about the "slow burn." In fact, the slow burn is a process by which you create monetary inflation and offset it with labor deflation.

From The Solari Report 
Sept 20, 2012 


From The Blog

Want to Have a Real Impact? Shift Your Time to State and Local Politics
Today we are engaged, thru the media, with the politics of electing a new President, members of Congress and Senate. Most electors understand the positions of our leaders at the national level, whether it be Democrat or Republican, left, right or middle. This information is being broadcast and published every day in every news outlet, both conservative and liberal, and being informed on which way to vote is relatively simple. Do you agree or disagree with the platform of each of the parties? There is no excuse for being undecided how to vote at the national level especially with the information overload we are subject to.

Central Banks Flex Muscles
Massive injections of stimulus into financial markets by the world’s largest central banks are creating a domino effect around the globe, prompting governments from Brazil to Turkey to take steps to keep easy money from flooding in and driving up their currencies.

Praise Celebration
Being away from my church home is one of the challenges of living on the road. I am having a wonderful time in Silicon Valley and will be speaking in Berkeley and Menlo Park this week.

The Gold 'Shadow Chart'

Israeli Leaders Dial Back Iran War Rhetoric after Meetings with US Military Officials

Treasury Flash Crash Could Become Reality

Modern Wheat a ‘Perfect, Chronic Poison’ Doctor Says

Gamechanging Natural Gas Tech Gets Green Light


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"I keep talking about how the problem with the U.S. budget is that we have selective things off budget and selective things on budget and what's on and off are extremely imbalanced. One of the things that is very much imbalanced as a financial matter is that the expenses of foreign wars are on budget, but the assets acquired in those foreign wars on off budget."

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Latest Interview

Catherine Austin Fitts' discusses the following topics with Bonnie Faulkner, host of KPFA Radio's Guns and Butter:

  • QE3: Infinite Quantitative Easing
  • Where the money went
  • Where some of the money is returning
  • Fraud and the black budget
  • The three big lies
  • The fiscal cliff
  • WTO and industrial food
  • What's up with space?

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