By Catherine Austin Fitts

I had a great recording with Regina Meredith at Gaia last week. She asked me “What Can We Do?” Here are my bullet points.


  • Find Your Faith
  • Find Your Divine Purpose/Vision
  • Do Unto Others as You Would Have The Do Unto You
  • Invite in the “Jeitinho” – the powerful magic that comes in dangerous times.


Joseph P. Farrell Pipe Organ Crowd Fund

  • Do a time budget – a sources and uses of time for the next 12 months. What is draining your energy? What is giving your energy? What and who can you delete from your life that is draining your energy? How can you invest more of your time to give you energy?
  • What is the Popsicle Index?


  • Coming Clean is the Solari process for improving your energy in 23 areas of your life


  • “Guard your heart – for from it flows the well springs of life”
  • Eat fresh – you are what you eat
  • Invest time and money in preventative health
  • You are your own doctor – and find trustworthy health care providers to help you
  • Have allies and a health care proxy to navigate the health care system


  • Take steps to lower risk as much as practicable
    • Eliminate time and money going to anybody or anything not trustworthy and/or draining you, if legally possible
    • eliminate debt
    • increase savings
    • ensure excellence in custodians
    • bank local – find a good local banker you can trust
    • improve resiliency; minimize overhead
    • build investment diversification
    • protect financial privacy and intelligence
    • protect against financial fraud, including fear porn and disinformation and use of entrainment to get you to spend or invest unwisely or unwisely for you’
    • Rethinking Diversification
    • Where to Stash Your Cash in 2016
  • Learn, Work & Build Skills to Take Advantage of the Shift from Global 2.0 to 3.0
  • Invest Wisely in You and the People You Love


  • Build family wealth – conspire with members of your family to help each other be safe and successful
  • Family Wealth
  • Network with others locally or by network to share responsibility for your mutual goals
    • Food
    • Barter
    • Savings Club
    • Garden Club
    • Investment Club
    • Solari Circle
  • Encourage local business networks and banks to start venture pools for incubation and to finance small business.
  • Encourage local community colleges and high schools to support internships and apprentice programs with local businesses and organizations.


  • Identify, vote for and support the best local officials
    • Mayor or City Council
    • Sheriff
    • State Legislator
  • Attend local, state and Congressional debates and town hall meetings
  • Identify local civic organizations making a difference in your community and support them in a manner that is energizing for you
  • Have a plan to overcome mind control, invasive surveillance by public and private parties, control files, covert options and divide and conquer politics and media
  • Pray for your community; participate in community prayer
  • Learn how the federal, state and local cash flows and other resources work in your place
  • Explore ways of shifting federal resources back to lawful and useful purposes, including tax escrows, state and local sponsored litigation and reduction of food and small business regulations.
  • Turn the Red Button to Green


  • Avoid divide and conquer politics

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