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A Lecture by Dr. Zoltán Schermann

My lecture is based on an experience I had. For me, it was a very profound one which changed my destiny. What I would like to say is also closely linked to the way in which medicine is practiced in Holland. I will therefore speak about it in detail. This is also necessary to understand certain events correctly.

A case in a general practitioner’s practice in Holland

The situation occurred in 2007. At that time I was an anthroposophical doctor in a general practitioner’s (GP’s) practice. That does not mean that every patient who came to me was also really interested in anthroposophical medicine. In Holland the GP has a very central role in the doctor’s profession. Every patient has to register with a GP. This also means that the practice is linked to a particular locale, so people register who live in the neighbourhood and simply need a doctor. These mostly expect purely conventional medical treatment.

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“There’s an itch in my mind, but I can only find it occasionally. It’s like rummaging through a box of ancient refuse and incomprehensible knick-knacks and suddenly feeling the two-pronged bite of a snake between your fingers; you recoil, shrinking, but your curiosity is irreversibly piqued. You want to empty the box into the light of day regardless of the danger – or maybe even because of it.” ~ Mac Tonnies

By Catherine Austin Fitts

When a serious investigative reporter, researcher or author dies under unusual or suspicious circumstances, I make it my business to find out what they were investigating.

Mac Tonnies, the proprietor of the Posthuman Blues blog, died in 2009 at the age of 34. He was working on his third book – The Crypto Terrestrials:  A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us – published posthumously in 2010. A two volume work – Posthuman Blues: Dispatches from a World on the Cusp of Terminal Dissolution –  was also published posthumously.

Tonnie’s cryptoterrestrial hypothesis proposes that extraterrestrial beings are actually mysterious and secretive races of earthly origin. These races have existed upon Earth for at least as long as humanity, and present themselves as extraterrestrials or occult beings.

Make no mistake about it – this is an intensely creepy topic. However, the push towards transhumanism is very serious and just as creepy. Until our invisible governance system is made visible and geopolitical and financial events make sense, I will keep asking questions and looking for answers.

I wish Mac Tonnies was still with us. We can use all the smart fearless help we can get.

Mac Tonnies Books – The Crypto-Terrestials

The Cryptoterrestrials

Mac Tonnies



[CAF Note: There is no more worthy cause for your holiday donations than the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation. Dr Gonzalez was Solari Report Hero of the Year in 2015. Any more room in your budget for a gift? No amount is too small or too large. Each gift is a prayer towards good health and health freedom. You can learn more and donate at the foundation website If you are a health care practitioner or interested in preventing and curing cancer, please learn about the Gonzalez Protocol – avail yourself of the books and other resources that the Foundation makes available. Tell your colleagues. This is a legacy that will continue to blossom and grow thanks to the generous support of Dr. Nick’s wife Mary Beth Gonzalez and many grateful patients who are alive and well thanks to the Gonzalez Protocol.]

By Mary Beth Gonzalez

“Dr. Nick,” as his patients called him, had been wildly successful treating chronic illness and even late stage cancer with his revolutionary Gonzalez Protocol. He was about to burst forth on a much larger stage. Unfortunately he never got the chance.

Prior to his unexpected death in 2015, Dr. Gonzalez had been recording in-depth patient case studies — the result of a lifetime of research and groundbreaking patient care — case studies that would publicly legitimize a whole new approach to nothing less than curing cancer.

Dr. Gonzalez practiced a new paradigm of medicine based on nutrition, diet, psychology and spirituality, where prevention was as important as treatment. Our foundation’s mission is to bring Dr. Gonzalez’s work – built on the pioneering science of Dr. John Beard, Dr. Weston Price and Dr. William Donald Kelley – to help more patients around the world.

In 2017, the foundation focused on erecting the pillars to support Dr. Gonzalez’s legacy and developing the curriculum and support tools for a training program in The Gonzalez Protocol™. These include creating a new website at www.thegonzalezprotocol.com to generate awareness of Dr. Gonzalez’s work. This website promoted three new books by Dr. Gonzalez: the Conquering Cancer case report book series (covering 112 patient cases and over 19 different types of cancer) and Nutrition and The Autonomic Nervous System which explains why different people need different diets. In December, this website will also include a free video/audio hub of “the Best of Dr. Gonzalez” content so that everyone will have easy access to his teachings.

In the words of the late Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, “There is no alternative medicine; there’s just medicine that hasn’t been accepted yet as mainstream.” Therefore, another pillar of our foundation is research that will document the scientific evidence of The Gonzalez Protocol ™.

We are pleased to announce that on October 9, 2017, Dr. Colin Ross’ article entitled “10 Gonzalez Protocol Case Studies” was published in MedCrave. Below are some of the research projects that we are exploring for 2018:

  • Metabolic Typing Analysis: to determine new, scalable ways of establishing autonomic typing including Pupillometry and enhanced clinical assessment tools
  • Pancreatic Enzyme Dosing: to create standards for proper pancreatic enzyme dosages by cancer stage and disease type
  • Pancreatic Enzymes for Cancer Treatment: to study the ability of pancreatic enzymes to inhibit the cancer cell line and trophoblast cell growth in a test tube by analyzing the receptors and intracellular mechanism
I invite you to join us by donating your time or your treasure to this new paradigm of medicine so Dr. Gonzalez’s work can continue to save lives. You can contact me directly at marybeth[at]nicholasgonzalezfoundation.com or send a check to: The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation, P.O. Box 14, Sanibel, FL 33957 or click here to donate through PayPal.

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“Thanks to a system of satellites, natural disasters have become a thing of the past. We can control our weather.”
~ President Palma in Geostorm

Check it out!

By Your Culture Scout

As far as disaster movies go, producer/director Dean Devlin comes with a great pedigree. A long-time collaborator of director Roland Emmerich, the master of the genre, he co-wrote with him and produced Independence Day, Stargate and Godzilla. Writing a movie and directing is not the same though, and Devlin’s film debut in Geostorm had a weak box office opening and is heading for some substantial losses. However, before the movie disappears from the local multiplexes, it is worth checking out for a one good reason- its vision of the future.

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