Republican Healthcare Bill Imperiled with 22 Million Seen Losing Insurance
Reuters |27 June 2017
Unraveling O’Care’s Complexities…


This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I’ve Ever Heard!

YouTube | 19 January 2015
2015: The Poisoning Explained…

Vaccine’s Safety: A Crime Against Humanity

YouTube | 07 November 2011
The Poisoning Follow Up…

Historical Evidence That Debunks the Popular Myth That Vaccines Eliminated Childhood Infectious Diseases
Natural Blaze | 16 June 2017
Vaccine Mythos…

Syria Polio Outbreak Leaves 17 Children Paralyzed
RT | 22 June 2017
Amazing Timing…

“Smart Meters” & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

YouTube | 27 November 2012
Segment set to start @ ~14:00 mins…

Scripps Scientists Publish How they Made H7N9 Virus more Transmissible
Nexus | 18 June 2017
More B Movie Horror Show….

Healthcare Stocks Jump after Republicans Unveil Plan; Banks, Staples slip
Reuters | 22 June 2017
More Government Subsidies…

The Airlines’ Toxic Secret, Crew Members Are Dying to Tell You
Green Med Info | 12 January 2017
Fume Events…

A Pilot’s Story is a Lesson for You in nnEMF
Likedin| 06 May 2017
Airline Microwave Exposure Risks….

I Almost Went Blind After 12 Years as a Webmaster – What I Learned
Healthy Home Evaluations | 13 June 2017
Blue Blocking Screen Filters…

Greenhouse Facility May Be Used To Grow Marijuana
Tribune | 21 June 2017
Look Who Wants to Grow Marijuana in AZ….

Plan to Open Large Medical Marijuana Facility in Snowflake Faces Opposition
AZ Family | 07 July 2016
More Look Who Wants to Grow Marijuana in AZ….

Low-Cost German Grocers Aldi, Lidl Plan Central Texas Stores
My Statesman | 10 June 2017
More Food is the Next Big Thing…

Buy your food from the CIA: Amazon buys Whole Foods

Jon Rappoport | 19 June 2017
No Warm Fuzzies…

Cuba’s Harvest of Surprises
Craftsmanship Quarterly |00 June 2017
Embargo Forced Sustainable Farming Practices…

Get Ready. Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Will Change How You Buy Food Forever
USA Today | 18 June 2017
One Ring to Rule Them All….

FDA Quietly Bans Powerful Life-Saving Intravenous Vitamin C

Natural News | 01 February 2017
Zero Justification….


ILA 2016 – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Photopheresis, Heavy Metal Toxicity and Immune Mobilisation

YouTube | 1 June 2016
Serious Alt Health Break Through…

Tennessee Counties Sue Opioid Makers Using Local “Crack Tax” Law
Zero Hedge |  June 2017
Multi-State Class Action….

Insurers Look to Ramp Up Premiums in Health Law Exchanges
WSJ | 16 June 2017
More ObamaCare Fall Out….

The Key to Republicans’ success on ObamaCare Repeal could come Down to John Kasich
Business Insider | 15 June 2017
Kasich Lynch Pin…

Over 1M Sign Petition to Ban Monsanto’s Weed Killer in EU Over Cancer Fears
RT | 15 June 2017
MonSatano is Nobody’s Friend….

How Happy People Get this Much Sleep
USA Today | 15 June 2017
Attitude is Everything…

U.S.ARMY Commission $2M Study to Research Injection to Treat PTSD
NY Daily News | 13 June 2017
Drugs, First, Last and Always…

Unprecedented Lawsuit Could End Water Fluoridation in US Based on Neurotoxicity Studies
Mercola | 13 June 2017
Fluoride is Toxic, Imagine That…


Submit Your Experience for Virtual Senate Hearing Project
World Mercury Project | March 29 2017

YouTube | 29 March 2017
Your personal experience requested for use…..

The Life Force of Plants Can Heal Us
Johnny Delirious | 09 June 2017
Out of the liver and…

Nassau County to Sue Pharmaceutical Companies over Growing Opioid Epidemic on Long Island
NY Daily News | 08 June 2017
Big Pharma run Amok….

Local: 7 Years of Work on Food Forest Destroyed Over Permit
Daily Bell | 07 June 2017
Belligerent, bullying and…

Anthem to leave Ohio’s Obamacare insurance market in 2018
Reuters | 06 June 2017
Most of the Ohio…

Drug Deaths in America Are Rising Faster Than Ever
NYT | 05 June 2017
Drug Deaths Soar…

Raw Milk on Trial in Ontario, Court Could Permanently Shut Down Sales
Natural News | 04 June 2017
The War on Raw Milk Cont’d…

California Senate Passed SB.649 — An Unconstitutional Bill That Forcibly Exposes Neighborhoods to Constant, Hazardous 4G/5G Microwave Radiation
Business Wire | 02 June 2017
7 years—public…