Jeff Rense & Catherine Austin Fitts – Is Blazing Nuclear War Imminent?

YouTube |25 April 2017
War w/o End Amen….

Wilkerson: Trump Attack on Syria Driven by Domestic Politics
Real News | 07 April 2017

Gain thereby, some…

Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing Statutory Prohibitions on Federal Control of Education
White House | 26 April 2017
Returning States’ Control…

CIA Chief Declares War on Truth
Reader Supported News | 26 April 2017
CIA Continues Long History of Deception…

Russian Senator Warns UK “Risks Being Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth”
Zero Hedge | 26 April 2017
Nobody Wins in Nuclear Horseshoes..

China Launches Aircraft Carrier, Boosting Military Presence
BBC | 26 April 2017
Huge Expenditure on Cold War Era Technology…

Russia Has Withdrawn Half Of Its Fighter Jet Group From Syria
Zero Hedge | 26 April 2017
Russian Pull Back…

Ousted Maltese Knight Returns in Defiance of Pope’s Wishes
Washington Post | 26 April 2017
Medieval Beginnings…

How Jeff Sessions Wants to Bring Back the War on Drugs
Washington Post | 09 April 2017

A Real Effort or the Status Quo??..

Sacred Communities and The Emergent Multipolar Landscape
Saker | 25 April 2017
Saker’s POV on….

France Elections: Macron and Le Pen Through to Run-Off
BBC | 24 April 2017
EU or Not to EU…

Israel PM Issues Holocaust Day Warning
Yahoo | 23 April 2017
More Saber Rattling….

This 1967 CIA Memo Is Still Used to Discredit Conspiracy Theorists Today

YouTube | April 2017
Conspiracy Theorist Badge of Honor…

Trump: the Man vs. His Ideas
Jon Rappaoport| 23 April 2017
100 Day Retrospective…

How Did NY Gov. Cuomo Make $783,000 From A Book That Sold Only 3,200 Copies?
Zero Hedge| 23 April 2017
Follow the Money…

The Russians Hacked Democrats’ Plans to Cheat in the General Election, Too
Breitbart |23 April 2017
Ruskies to the Rescue??..

Amy Baker Benjamin – Will the Real Trump Foreign Policy Please Stand Up?
Radio NZ | 23 April 2017
Force for…

Israel PM Netanyahu Issues Threat Against Iran
Yahoo | 23 April 2017
Want to destroy us, and a hatred for…

I’m Probably Fired and I have the Biggest Story in the World Right Now

YouTube |21 April 2017
The questions I would ask…

Tucker Carlson & Stephen Cohen debate validity of Russian Hacking claims

YouTube | 21 April 2017
Theater that is…

Memorandum on Domestic US Torture Programs:Running Under Cover of Surveillance,
Covert US Military/Intel/Justice Physical Mutilation of the Population,
EMF Weapons, Neuro-Weapons, Bio-Terrorism, & Organized Stalking

Everyday Concerned | 25 January 2017
Best and brightest, most productive…


Catherine Austin Fitts – Black Budget Wars & Central Bank Panic!

Dark Journalist | 18 April 2017
Latest Greatest on Current Affairs..

How Reality Is Being Manufactured

YouTube | 22 April 2017
Very Informative set of Search Term Charts…..

Trump and Money Laundering: The Key Questions to Ask
News Week| 22 April 2017
Follow the Money Cont’d…

Trump Sends the World Muddled Messages
Consortium News| 20 April 2017
Presidential Inconsistencies…..

Why Can’t the Clintons Just Go Away?
NY Post | 22 April 2017
Commentary on Champions of the Status Quo…

The Real Reason Why Bill O’Reilly Was Fired

YouTube | 21 April 2017
Alex Jones provides the back story…

The Guardian View on Prosecuting WikiLeaks: Don’t Do It
Guardian | 21 April 2017

Stewart Rhodes on (Globalist Agenda) European Viewpoint of Studio Execs

YouTube | 08 June 2016
Globalist Agenda…

Trump: White House Will Release Tax Reform Plan Next Week
Politico | 21 April 2017
Facing a deadline to…

Why Voting for Trump was the Right Thing to Do (7 Reasons)
Saker | 21 April 2017
Completely wrong. Let me explain…

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Is About To Grow: Here’s What It Means
Corbett Report | 21 April 2017
India and Pakistan to…

‘Shattered’ Revelation: Clinton Campaign Hatched Russian Hacking Narrative 24 Hours After Hillary’s Loss
Breitbart | 21 April 2017
Clinton Spin Machine Revealed…

Yikes! New Behind-the-Scenes Book Brutalizes the Clinton Campaign
Rolling Stone | 20 April 2017
Clinton Self Destruct…

Latest Solari Donation
Julian Assange Defense Fund (JADF)
Justice for Assange | 20 April 2017

Risk (2017) A Film by Laura Poitras – Trailer

YouTube | 09 April 2017
Assange from His Perspective….

4 French Presidential Candidates who will Grant Asylum to Assange and Snowden Should They Win
Duran | 21 April 2017
Will infuriate…

Sen. Paul, Scott Bullock: Civil Forfeiture has Ruined Countless Lives. It’s Long Overdue for Reform
Fox News | 21 April 2017

U.S. Preparing Charges To Arrest Julian Assange
Zero Hedge | 20 April 2017
Produced Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Iraq, Iran & …

Netanyahu Praises ‘Great Change’ in US Foreign Policy Under Trump
Washington Examiner | 21 April 2017
No Surprises…

Who’s Who In France’s Wild Presidential Election
NPR | 20 April 2017
Sunday to cast ballots in the first…

Man Who Embarrassed HuffPo with Hoax Article Loses Job After Outlet Tracks Him Down at Work
Brietbart | 20 April 2017
Fake News…

St. Petersburg Journalist Dies After 6 Weeks in Coma from Beating by Unidentified Attackers
RT | 20 April 2017

Valerie Jarrett: You Can’t Give Up On Our Democracy-Morning Joe

YouTube | 20 April 2017
Reveals new…

Oliver Stone Rages Against The Deep State’s “Wonderful Job Of Throwing America Into Chaos”
The International Reporter | 20 April 2017
Stone’s Take on War w/o End Amen…

Putin Calls out NATO on Syria Chemical False Flag: ‘It was Staged’ (Video)
The Duran | 20 April 2017
Putin Calls NATO’s Bluff….

Never Forget: Hero Cop Who Blew Whistle On OKC Bombing Did NOT Commit Suicide
Activist Post | 19 April 2017
Follow Up on OKC…

White House Eyes Harder Line on Shutdown Talks
Politico | 19 April 2017
The Costs of a Secure Border…

Steve Piecxenik ST CMD APR 18 17 OPUS 3

YouTube | 18 April 2017
Alex Jones…

Dr. Cynthia McKinney: “Congress Is Nothing But Theatrics” – VL Interview Part 2

YouTube | 18 April 2017
Expert Opinion…

The Nerve Agent Attack that Did Not Occur: Analysis of the Times and Locations of Critical Events in the Alleged Nerve Agent Attack
Washingtons Blog | 18 April 2017
7 AM on April 4, 2017 in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria…

Ann Coulter is a Woman whose Opinions I Love to Hate but Banning her from Berkeley is Another Step in the Creeping Death of Freedom of Speech
| April 2017
Piers Morgan…

When Will They Ever Learn
SGT Report | 19 April 2017
Poignant Reminder…

Genie Oil: The Syria, Goldman Sachs, Israel, ISIS Connection
True News | 14 April 2017
The Return of More Oil Drives Politics…

Europe, Israel Back Longest Undersea Natural Gas Pipeline
Haaretz | 03 April 2017
Still More Oil Drives Politics…

Isreal Signs Pipeline Deal, in Push to Export Gas to Europe
FT | 03 April 2017
More Oil Drives Politics…

Denmark Proposes Law Change to Block Russian Gas to Europe
RT | 01 April 2017
Oil Drives Politics…

Fox News Drops O’Reilly in Wake of Harassment Allegations
Fox News |19 April 2017
O’Reilly Ousted….

NYPD Says it is Now Investigating the Hudson River Death of a Pioneering African American Judge as ‘Suspicious’ even Though She was Initially Thought to have Committed Suicide
Daily Mail | 19 April 2017
A Second Look…

U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Allow Arkansas Execution
Constitutional Rights PAC | 18 April 2017
Chemicals Questioned…

Pence Pushes Allies on Trade After Reassuring on North Korea
Constitutional Rights PAC | 18 April 2017
Preemptive Nuke Strike is very Re-Assuring…

The Dangerous Path: Big Moneys Attempt to Shred the Constitution
Common Cause | 17 April 2017
We have not Faced a Greater Threat…

The March Toward a Constitutional Convention Slows to a Crawl
Alternet | 15 April 2017
Moving in the Right Direction…

Bill of the Week: We the People Rewriting the Constitution is as Easy as 1, 2, 3
Austin Chronicle | 14 April 2017
More Con Con Threat Analysis…

TX House Committee Considers Convention of States Measures
Texas Tribune | 13 April 2017
TX Moving in Wrong Direction…

List of journalists killed in Russia
Wiki | April 2017
300 Deaths / MIA’s since 93…

The Suppression of Ideas and the Closing out of Debate
Jon Rappaport | 18 April 2017
More Strategies on Destroying Free Speech…

Mitch McConnell — Still America’s Least Popular Senator
Morning Consult | 18 April 2017
Senate Ratings by State…

Former Dyncorp VP Charged With Rape Of A Minor
Disobedient Media | 17 April 2017
More Dyncorp Revalations…

Congressman Walks Off Stage During Oroville Town Hall
CBS Sacremento | 17 April 2017
Boos for Congressman LaMalfa…

Far-left Veteran Melenchon Draws Big Crowd as French Election Enters Final Straight
Reuters | 17 April 2017
French Far Left Surges…

Far-left Veteran Melenchon Draws Big Crowd as French Election Enters Final Straight
Reuters | 17 April 2017
French Far Left Surges…

Gaza Faces Severe Crisis Amid Power Plant Shutdown
Nexus News Feed | 17 April 2017
More Trouble in Gaza…

Why We’re Ungovernable, Part 17: Europe Gets Its Doomsday Scenario
Dollar Collapse | 17 April 2017
EU Unsustainability…

Why Trump Succumbed to the Hawks
The Week | 17 April 2017
Trump’s Neocon U Turn..

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Rasmussen Reports | 17 April 2017
Trump’s Poll Numbers…

North Korea ‘Will Test Missiles Weekly’, Senior Official Tells BBC
BBC | 17 April 2017
Saber Rattling Roles on…

The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory

YouTube | 14 April 2017
Corbett Report: Whole truth, and nothing but…

Barack and Michelle Obama Pose on Billionaire David Geffen’s Superyacht During Day Out with Oprah, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Hanks in French Polynesia
Daily Mail UK | 16 April 2017
Elites Holiday Meeting…

Erdo?an Clinches Victory in Turkish Constitutional Referendum
Guardian | 16 April 2017
From a parliamentary democracy to a…

How to Bring Down the Elephant in the Room
The Saker | 16 April 2017
Interesting Delineations…

Sheikh Imran Hosein interviews the Saker
The Saker | 14 April 2017
Sheikh Imran…

Bad Idea: Trump White House will Hide its Visitor Logs
Washington Examiner | 14 April 2017
How many times he had met with…

This Trend is Happening Now Across All 50 of the United States
Unreasonable | 10 April 2017
Been hostile to…


North Korean Missile “Blows Up” During Launch; President Trump Aware, Has “No Further Comment”
Zero Hedge | 15 April 2017
Unidentified missile but the test…

Is Putin Incorruptible?
Off Guardian | 15 April 2017
How Chess on The World Stage is Played…

Genie Oil: The Syria, Goldman Sachs, Israel, ISIS connection – See more at:
True News |14 April 2017
Goldman Pipeline Connection…

Facebook Suspends 30,000 French Accounts 10 days Before Election in Attempt to Censor Le Pen Supporters
The Gateway Pundit | 14 April 2017
More Globalist Censorship…..

White House Claims on Syria Chemical Attack ‘Obviously False’- Prof. Theodor Postol of MIT
RT | 14 April 2017
Serious questions…

Signed By Governor: Arizona Law Takes on State, Federal Asset Forfeiture
Tenth Amendment Center | 13 April 2017
AZ Stands Up….

YouTube | 12 April 2017
Without a doubt…

Lawmakers Demand Trump Pump Brakes on Military Action in Yemen
Anti Media | 12 April 2017
attack could push the country into full-blown…

Top Ten Reasons to Doubt Official Story on Assad Poison-gas Attack
InfoWars | 14 April 2017

Trump’s CIA Director Pompeo, Targeting WikiLeaks, Explicitly Threatens Speech and Press Freedoms
Intercept | 14 April 2017
Stood up in public and explicitly…

The U.S. and China: Why the Sudden Convergence on North Korea?
Charles Hugh Smith | 14 April 2017
drama is telegraphing that…

Former Afghan President Calls Decision to Drop Massive U.S. Bomb ‘Treason’
Reuters | 15 April 2017
Public reaction…

Rex Tillerson meets with Foreign Minister Lavrov and President Putin
The Saker | 13 April 2017
Not agreed upon…

U.S. Drops Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb on ISIS Target in Afghanistan, Military Officials Say
KTLA | 13 April 2017
Further away” from dictating military…

Vice President Pence Heads to Seoul as North Korea Tensions Flare
Reuters | 14 April 2017
Long-planned 10-day trip to…

US Sending Dozens More Troops to Somalia
CNN | 14 April 2017
Special operations forces already…

British Intelligence Passed Trump Associates’ Communications with Russians on to US Counterparts
CNN | 14 April 2017
“Five Eyes”…

The Astonishing Reinvention of Donald Trump
Twitter | 14 April 2017
All records for breaking…

In About-face, Trump Nominates New Head of Export Bank
Reuters | 14 April 2017
Act on loans over $10…

Trump Just Appointed a Chemical Industry Honcho to Protect Us From Chemicals
Mother Jones | 14 April 2017
Stint working directly…

Trump Flips On Five Core Campaign Promises In Under 24 Hours
Zero Hedge | 13 April 2017
Mainstream politician now appears…

Trump May Send Up To 50,000 Troops To Syria
Zero Hedge | 13 April 2017
Islamic State strategy…

‘I Don’t Believe a Word of It’ – CIA Whistleblower on US Intelligence about Syria Chemical Attack
RT | 13 April 2017
Believe…John Kiriakou…

Syria Accuses US Of Hitting ISIS Chemical Weapons Depot Killing Hundreds; Russia Sends Drones
Zero Hedge | 13 April 2017
Daesh’s headquarters and depot with…

U.S.-Led Coalition Airstrike Kills 18 Anti-Assad Fighters in Syria: Pentagon
NBC News | 13 April 2017
Lent their air…

Saudi Banks, Bin Laden Companies face $4.2 Billion U.S. Lawsuit by 9/11 Insurers
Reuters | 13 April 2017
Liable for the attacks…

McMaster Using Leaks to Fake News to Push Out Steve Bannon; Sexual Harassment at NSC
Medium | 13 April 2017
Deep state drama…

U.S. May Launch Strike if North Korea Reaches for Nuclear Trigger
NBC News | 13 april 2017
Include missiles and…

Every Time John McCain Makes Secret Trips to Syria, Chemical Weapon Attacks Follow
The Duran | 12 April 2017

Yet Another Amazing Coincidence…

China’s Split With Russia on Syria Signals Warmer Xi-Trump Ties
Bloomberg | 12 April 2017
Abstention a gesture of “considerable”…

Trump Reverses Himself On 6 Major Issues In 2 Days
Huffington Post | 12 April 2017
Came in an interview with…

Haitian Girl Forced to Have Sex with Nearly 50 UN Workers as Part of Child sex Ring Involving at least 134 Peacekeepers
Daily Mail | 12 April 2017
Internal UN report…

Why I Left United Airlines
The New Yorker | 14 November 2014
Monopoly has it’s Costs..
Melanie Trump Receives Settlement Apology from Daily Mail
Gateway Pundit | 12 April 2017
No evidence to support…

Trump Withholds Syria-Sarin Evidence
Consortium News | 12 April 2017
Evidence MIA…

Is That Armageddon Over The Horizon?
Paul Craig Roberts | 12 April 2017
Consequences are Inevitable..

Trump Says There’s No Plan For US Boots On The Ground In Syria
Western Journalism | 12 April 2017
Let’s All Hope…

Kim’s Fate Sealed; Elite US Navy Seal squad that killed Osama bin Laden ‘is Training up in South Korea to Take Out Kim Jong-un’
The Sun | 12 April 2017
Apparently, not a Very Stealthy Op….

China Warns North Korea Situation Has Hit “Tipping Point”, Threatens “Never Before Seen” Measures
Zero Hedge | 12 April 2017
More Interesting Chess Moves..

China Threatens To Bomb North Korea’s Nuclear Facilities If It Crosses Beijing’s “Bottom Line”
Zero Hedge | 12 April 2017
Allegations: China to Handle North Korea..

United Airlines Boss Oscar Munoz Will Not Resign
BBC | 12 April 2017
No Accountability…

Melenchon Crashes Front-Runners’ Party as French Risks Rise
Bloomberg | 12 April 2017
Screaming Resistance…

Rothschild Demands Western Nations Invade Syria
Your Newswire | 11 April 2017
Mr. Global wants Syria…

Ivanka Trump Influenced my Father to Launch Syria Strikes, Reveals Brother Eric
Telegraph | 11 April 2017
Daddy’s Little Girl Exerts Influence…

United passenger threatened with handcuffs to make room for ‘higher-priority’ traveler
LA Times | 11 April 2017
UA Just Keeps on Digging…

Michael Savage Begs Trump to Stop WW III
Info Wars | 11 April 2017
A Plea for Sanity…

Exclusive: North Korean Ships Head Home after China Orders Coal Returned
Reuters | 11 April 2017
China Sanctions North Korean…

The Takeover of Trump – Timeline
Bionic Mosquito | 11 April 2017
Mr. Global Strikes Back…

Too Much Federal Regulation has Piled up in America
The Economist | 02 March 2017
Excessive Red Tape is Bi-Partisan..

State of Great Kurdistan to be Created in Syria and Iraq
Inside Syria Media Center | 17 March 2017
Kurdistan Resurrected…

President Trump Just Signed An Order That Will Make Trey Gowdy VERY Happy
Main Republic | 11 April 2017
Bengazi Investigation II in the Wings?…

Is Government Shutdown Likely Under One-Party Rule? Possibly Under Trump
Federal Times | 31 March 2017
What Consequences Will Hitting the Debt Ceiling bring???….

United CEO Defends Staff’s Violent “Reccomodation” Of “Belligerent” Passenger
Zero Hedge | 11 April 2017
Unite Defends Passenger Beat Down…

Dr Pieczenik Warns Trump, Mathis and McMaster About Going to War in Syria

Info Wars | 10 April 2017
Dereliction of Duty..

Prominent Democrats Call For Anti-War Congresswoman To Be Ousted From Office
Daily Caller | 10 April 2017
Independent investigation…

Washington’s False Flag: United Nations Confirmed that US Supported Syrian “Rebels” Were Using Chemical Weapons
Global Research | 10 April 2017
Bombing Taiwan after Pearl Harbor action…

My Strategy For Confronting and Defeating the Status Quo
Liberty Blitzkrieg | 10 April 2017
Good Information is Key…

Theresa Distance from Don Split Opens Between Washington and London over Syria after Theresa May Refused to Back New Strikes on Assad
The Sun UK | 10 April 2017
The Anglosphere Split Widens….

Peggy Noonan Wins 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary
WSJ | 10 April
Noonan Reviews Revelations…

Sen. Angus King: ‘Huge Mistake’ to Send U.S. Ground Troops to Syria
CNS News | 10 April 2017
Master of the Obvious Assessment…

Trump Sued For Not Releasing White House Visitor Logs
Zero Hedge | 10 April 2017
No Transparency here folks…

Day 116 – DynCorp Harvest, Killing Is Good Business, Part 1

YouTube |17 Febuary 2017
Real Horror Show…

The Oil-Gas War Over Syria, in Maps
Strategic Culture | 24 October 2016
The Oil War Illustrated..

Stop the Execution Madness in Arkansas: John Grisham
John Grisham | 10 April 2017
Clemency is Not an Option…

United Airlines is Pleased to Announce new Seating on all Domestic Flights- in Addition to United First and Economy Plus we Introduce….
Twitter | 10 April 2017
Warning Will Robinson!! “Satire”….

This is your face. This is how corporations treat you. This is what we’ve let America become
Bob Sullivan | 10 April 2017
The “Rollerball” World is Here…

Californian Gunman Kills Wife, Self as She Teaches Class; Student also Dead
Reuters | 10 April 2017
Another School Shooting..

Fight Looms Over Planned Rollback of Net-Neutrality Rules
WSJ | 10 April 2017
Net Neutrality Rears It’s Ugly Head…

Rothschild´s/CFR´s Echo. Hillary Clinton/Wikileaks: We must Destroy Syria and Pres. Al-Assad for Israel
NewEuro-Med.Dk | 09 April 2017
The Joys of Middle East Intervention…

Tillerson, Haley Issue Differing Statements on Future of Assad in Syria
Washington Post | 09 April 2017
Circles Within Circles…

Trump and Syria: a Rant
JP Farrell | 10 April 2017
Has Trump Drunk the Neo-Con Kool-Aid??….

Petraeus and McMaster have Taken Over the NSC, Want Massive Ground War with Syria
Medium | 09 April 2017
Neo-Con Takeover NSC….

Man Forcibly Removed from Overbooked United Airlines Flight
Twitter | 09 April 2017
Heavy Handed Corporate Action…

U.S. Navy Strike Group to Move Moward Korean Peninsula: U.S. official
Reuters | 09 April 2017
No Apparent Peace Dividend…

Russia and Iran Pledge to Hit Back against further Syria Strikes as they Blast US for ‘Crossing Red Lines’
Sun UK | 09 April 2017
Disrupt the…

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Syria Strike Was A Message To China And North Korea

YouTube | 08 April 2017
Understand two elements…

Iran’s Rouhani Slams US Military Action in Syria, Calls for ‘Impartial Fact-Finding Probe’
RT | 08 April 2017
Iran and Others Want Proof…


Trump to Lift Federal Hiring Freeze
WSJ | 11 April 2017

Possilbe Sign of More capitulation…

Where Was CIA’s Pompeo on Syria?
Consortium News | 08 April 2017

Things are Moving Really Quickly
Invest Yourself | 08 April 2017
Let us Pray…

‘Assad Not Mad’ Enough to Use Chemical Weapons, Says Former UK Ambassador
Middle East Eye | 07 April 2017
Chemical Weapons are a Lose, Lose Option…

Here’s a List of Everyone Hillary Clinton Blamed this Week for 2016 (She’s Not on It)
Washington Examiner | 07 April 2017
The Effective Range of an Excuse..

Twitter Refuses to Out Anti-Trump Account, DHS Backs Down
Federal Time | 07 April 2017
Twitter Sides with First Amendment…

CNN Shocked Speechless When Congressman Questions Syria Chemical Weapons Story

YouTube | 07 April 2017
Actually dares to…

Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons
Global Research | 07 April 2017
Interesting revelations…

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard speaks to Tucker Carlson on Fox about Syria

YouTube | 08 April 2017
Evidence to Congress…so called evidence…

Congresswoman, Veteran, Tulsi Gabbard
Wikipedia | April 2017
Won the general election with 81%…

Michael Savage Turns on Trump, Says Syrian Gas Attack Was False Flag Operation
Zero Hedge | 08 April 2017
Hillary, deep…

Iran’s Rouhani Slams US Military Action in Syria, Calls for ‘Impartial Fact-finding Probe’
RT | 08 April 2017
Power machine” in just…

U.S. Navy Strike Group to Move Toward Korean Peninsula: U.S. Official
Reuters | 08 April 2017
From Singapore…

Ron Paul: “The Neo-Conservatives Won”
Zero Hedge | 08 April 2017
Rush. There was no…

Hacker Group Releases Password To NSA’s “Top Secret Arsenal” In Protest Of Trump Betrayal
Zero Hedge | 08 April 2017
Evidence: …

God, Guns, and Abortion: Neil Gorsuch to Quickly make his Mark on High Court
Guardian | 08 April 2017
Cases the court will…

Syria Pipeline – How the Press Will Not Tell the Truth about Syria
Armstrong Economics | 08 March 2017
180 degree turn for Trump may indeed be a…

Donald Trump Asserts his Authority Over his Allies
Votaire Net | 07 April 2017
Only 23…

White House Declines Comment on Medvedev Statement That Trump Broke Campaign Promises
Sputnik News | 07 April 2017
Russia’s Defense Ministry said Syrian aircraft hit…

Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons
Global Research| 07 April2017
January 2013 article…

SITREP: Important update on the US attack on Syria
Saker | 07 April 2017
Full Russian MoFA…

Syria War: US Warns of ‘More’ after Missile Strikes
BBC | 07 April 2017
We know…

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Sen. Rand Paul among lawmakers criticizing Trump’s Syria airstrike
AOL | 07 April 2017
Short-sighted and will lead to…

‘Assad Bears Full Responsibility’: How the World Reacted to Donald Trump’s Missile Strike on Syria
Telegraph | 07 April 2017
Russia: prospective anti-terror coalition has…

Kremlin: Risk of US-Russia Collision in Syria ‘Significantly Increased’
CNN | 07 April 2017
Suspend an October 2015 agreement aimed at…

Putin: ‘95% Of World Terrorist Attacks Are Orchestrated By The CIA’
Novo Rossia | 06 April 2017
Putin Drops the Other shoe…

Afghanistan Dangles Lithium Wealth to Win Trump Support
ABC News | 06 April 2017
Lithium Riches Abound….

Syria Policy After the Chemical Attacks
Foreign Affairs | 06 April2017
Full article requires subscription: The Goal…

BuzzFeed Sues the FBI Over Andrew Breitbart Records Request
Houston Chronicle | 07 April 2017
Complaint says that Leopold appealed…

5 Famous Trump Supporters Who Oppose War with Syria
Duran | 06 April 2017
Implored the President to…

Lee Stranahan: ‘Ideological Coup’ By Kushner-Linked Goldman Globalists Destroying Trump White House
Zero Hedge | 06 April 2017
You can do…

Trump, Xi at Mar-a-Lago for High-stakes Summit
Yahoo | 06 April 2017
Top of the list…

Ron Paul: “Zero Chance” Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag
Zero Hedge | 06 April 2017
Any sense…

Tillerson Warns Russia “Coalition Steps Are Underway To Remove Assad”
Zero Hedge | 06 April 2017
All of which was a quick…

US Launches Airstrikes on Syria
Daily Mail | 06 April 2017
Military fires more than 50 tomahawks on…

Trump Says ‘Something Should Happen’ with Assad, U.S. Military Studies Options
Reuters | 06 April 2017
“Should happen”…

SusanRice Diversions – How Fake News Sets The Narrative | Mike Cernovich Periscope

YouTube | 05 April 2017
Fake News exposed…

The Trump Administration Goes Neocon-Crazy
The Sake | 05 April 2017
Same Old same old…

In shakeup, Rick Perry lands seat on National Security Council
Houston Chronicle | 05 April 2017
When Trump…

The End of Local Laws? War on Cities Intensifies in Texas
Governing | 05 April 2017
Clashes, particularly between…

Cernovich Says His Source for Susan Rice Story was MSM Employees Leaking Info

YouTube | 04 April 2017
MSM Leakers Blow the Whistle…

Cernovich Explains How He Learned About Susan Rice
Zero Hedge | 04 April 2017
Susan Rice exposed…

Bannon Taken Off Trump National Security Council in Shake-Up
Bloomberg | 05 April 2017
Bannon removed from NSC…

Susan Rice Ordered “Detailed Spreadsheets Of Intercepted Phone Calls Trump Team
Zero Hedge | 04 April 2017
Rice Ordered Intercepts…

The CIA Didn’t Just Torture, It Experimented on Human Beings
The Nation | December 2016
How Low Can we go???

Will nuclear history repeat itself in Korea?
Asian Time | 05 April 2017
Nuclear Brinksmanship alive and well…

Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner in Iraq with top US general
BBC | 04 April 2017
Mr Trump assigned him the role of…

Koch Brothers’ Operatives Fill Top White House Positions, Ethics Forms Reveal
The Intercept | 04 April 2017
Koch minions…

What Makes Millennials Disturbingly Different?
MatasII | 04 April 2017
Contrasting their beliefs…

Gaius Publius: “It’s not about Gorsuch. It’s about the Democrats
Naked Capitalism | 04 April 2017
Dems Show their spots..

Critics fume after Trump donates salary to National Park Service
RT | 04 April 2017
Trump Donates his salary..

Prison Aid to Haiti for Captive Slave Labor
News Junkie Post | 04 April 2017
Slavery Alive and Well in the 21st Century…

The Brexit War! EU Fearing Collapse Set to Stoke Scottish Independence Proxy War
Market Oracle | 03 March 2017
Demanding agreement on…

Latest Solari $25.00 Contribution
Exposing Pedophiles & Rescuing Children
Gun Fund Me| 03 April 2017
More on Pedo scandals…

U.S. withdraws funding for U.N. Population Fund
Yahoo News | 03 April 2017
UN budget cuts…

Dems Reach Magic Number to Block Supreme Court Nominee
The Hill | 03 April 2017
Gloves are off…

Steve Pieczenik St CMD Mar 30 17 OPUS 2

YouTUbe | 30 March 2017
Brexit will have an IMPACT on U.S. and please Potus, get out of…

Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner in Iraq with Top US General
BBC | 03 April 2017
Iraq negotiations…

The LA Times (who made South Central LA safe for CIA Narcotics Trafficking) lectures President Trump about the Rule of Law
LA Times | 02 April 2017
Double standards applied…

WikiLeaks’ Assange Asylum Winner in Ecuador Election
USA Today | 02 April 2017
Narrowly elected…

How Obama’s White House Weaponized Media Against Trump
The Hill | 29 March 2017
Campaign to hype the Russian…

What the EU27 wants from Brexit
Politico | 31 March 2017