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Posted by Alex Jones on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Info Wars | 13 September 2017
Worthy of a listen..

New Visual Story of Hope: Elton John – Rocket Man

YouTube | 22 May 2017
(May 2017) Iranian filmmaker and refugee Adin reimagines “Rocket Man” whole new…

Was Trump Aiming at North Korea’s Rocket Man or His Friend Next Door?
Guardian | 20 September 2017
Could see some art…

Russian Collusion? New Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton Invited Putin To “Pay For Play” Event
Zero Hedge | 19 September 2017
Right after she became…

Syria: One War Can Hide Another
After the Caliphate, Rojava

Voltaire Net | 19 September 2017
Supposed to serve Trump’s new…

Happy Birthday CIA: 7 Truly Terrible Things the Agency Has Done in 70 Years
Anti Media | 18 September 2017
Known to the public…

Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch on Global Spraying & Weather Modification

YouTube | 11 September 2017
Wx War Consequences…

Rhode Island’s “Surprising” Geoengineering Act Of 2017
Activist Post | 21 May 2017
RI is Awake and Taking Action…

One Map With All the Countries the US Has Invaded Will Make You Question Everything
The Anti Media | 25 August 2017
MIC Travel Log…

BREAKING: Rex Tillerson and Sergei Lavrov to meet within hours in New York
Russia Feed | 18 September 2017
Opportunity for well grounded…

Trump Lawyers Clash Over How Much to Cooperate With Russia Inquiry
NYT | 17 September 2017
More Energy on Russian Unicorn Hunt..

Emmys Devolves Into Three Hour Celebrity Anti-Trump Rage Fest
Grabien | 17 September 2017
Hollywood’s Two Cents…

The Age of Surveillance is Here
QZ| 27 August 2017
Big Brother Incarnate…

Tillerson says U.S. could stay in Paris climate accord
Reuters | 17 September 2017
Another 180…

Government by Goldman
The Intercept | 17 September 2017
Vampire Squid, Large and In Charge…

Syria Summary – Eliminating ISIS’ Remains
Moon of Alabama| September 2017
Russia / Syria ISIS Elimination Plan…

Merkel Encountering Rising Violent Protests
Martin Armstrong | 17 September 2017
Grass Roots Blow Back…

Poland Demands $1 Trillion from Germany for WW2 Reparations
Need to Know News | 16 September 2017
More Forced Immigration Blow Back…

Emails: Hillary Clinton invited Putin to Clinton Foundation Gala
Conservative View | 15 September 2017
Clinton Courted Putin….

A permanent emergency: Trump becomes third president to renew extraordinary post-9/11 powers
USA Today | September 2017
More Same Old, Same Old…

Christians beat FEMA, and in so doing, tame Big Government
Washington Times | 12 September 2017
Faith Based Groups Lead the Charge…

Bipartisan Congress Put Jeff Sessions In His Place, Shut Down His Expansion Of Civil Asset Forfeiture
Activist Post | 14 September 2017
Stopping the Madness…

EU official says US won’t reject Paris climate treaty, but White House denies statement
Fox News | 17 September 2017
Paris Accord Allegations…

US Congressman Seeks Deal to Prove Russia Did Not Hack US Election
Sputnik News | 16 September 2017
Proof of Phantom Chasing…

Sesame Credit
Wiki| 18 September 2017

Coming to a Town Near You!!!

Is Big Data Killing Democracy?
Fortune | 15 September 2017
Databeast Consequences..

Pennsylvania could halt spending on Friday without budget
Reuters | 14 September 2017
The Consequences of Missing Money…

Bandits Terrorizing Virgin Island After Governor Seized Private Weapons
Info Wars | 13 September 2017
Amazing Coincidence…


Former US President Jimmy Carter says he knows what North Korea wants
The Duran | 15 September 2017
Respect for NK Regime…

Trump Tower Meeting & Half Truths – Another Untold Story
Martin Armstrong | 15 September 2017

The Untold Story…

North Korea Is Dodging Sanctions With a Secret Bitcoin Stash
Bloomberg | 15 September 2017
State Sponsored Hackers Gone Wild…

The Space Race Is Now “Privatized” — But You’re Still Paying for It
Market Conservative | 15 September 2017
More Corporate Welfare…

High Ranking CIA Agent Blows Whistle On The Deep State And Shadow Government
Activist Post | 15 September 2017
Whistle Blowers, a Continuing Growing Trend…

Geopolitics drives Turkey’s acquisition of Russian missile defense
Asian Times | 15 September 2017
Turkish Arms Purchases from Russia??

How China’s economy could turn radioactive
Asian Times | 15 September 2017
Who’s Side is NK on???

Balance of Power: Mueller Unfriends Facebook as Probe Zeroes In
Bloomberg | 14 September 2017
Mueller’s Fishing Expedition Continues…

FBI Paid $100K+ For Concocted Trump Dossier During Election; John McCain Helped Broker Classified Deal With Comey
True Pundit | 14 September 2017
More Single Party Evidence..

WADA DOPES clear 95 Russian athletes they earlier accused of using drugs
Russia Feed | 14 September 2017
More Low Level Hostilities…

Parking spaces for US consulate staff in Russia removed – State Dept
RT| 14 September 2017
Tit for Tat…

Former CIA Director Resigns From Harvard After Chelsea Manning Named Visiting Fellow
Zero Hedge | 14 September 2017
CIA vs Manning..

For first time in 300 years, there’s not a single living person on the island of Barbuda
USA Today | 14 September 2017
Barduda, Total Loss…

U.N. calls for global economic makeover to replace neo-liberalism
Reuters | 14 September 2017
Holes in the Lifeboat…

Mainstream Media Defends Amazon Deleting Nearly All Negative Reviews of Hillary Clinton’s Book
Free Thought Project | 14 September 2017

What else is New???

The Case of a Brain-Damaging ‘Sonic Weapon’ in Cuba Is Only Getting Stranger and Scarier
Gizmodo | 14 September 2017

Science Fiction Goes Main Stream…

Americans ‘manipulated into believing that they’re enemies,’ HUD Secretary Ben Carson says
ABC News | 13 September 2017
Carson on Divide and Conquer..

Rand Paul’s Amendment to Force a Vote on Endless War Gets Kicked Down the Road..
The Intercept | 13 September 2017
Chicken Hawks Prevail for the Moment…

At Least 11 Mayors Accused Of Child Sex-Related Crimes Since 2016 Photo of Peter Hasson
Daily Caller | 13 September 2017
Read it and Weep..

Bombshell Report Catches Pentagon Falsifying Paperwork For Weapons Transfers To Syrian Rebels
Zero Hedge | 13 September 2017
Supplying our Allies???

Retired US Air Force Lieut Col. Karen Kwiatkowski on Alleged US Rescue of ISIS Field Commanders: ‘We Are Rescuing Our Allies’
SOTT | 09 September 2017
Rescuing our Allies???

US Threatens To Cut Off China From SWIFT If It Violates North Korea Sanctions
Zero Hedge | 13 September 2017
More Far East Sabre Rattling…

After 2016 Election Hacks, Some States Return to Paper Ballots
Governing | 12 September 2017

Paper Trail..Good!

Rand Paul Takes A Stand Against Unconstitutional War
Zero Hedge | 12 September 2017
Abused for 16…

James McCanney, Weather Control, Must Watch! Alex Jones

Info Wars | 12 September 2017
Wx War Ramifications…

College Park Gives non-Citizens the Right to Vote in Local Elections
Fox 5 | 12 September 2017
Border Erosion Continues..

911 Boat Lift
Big Geek Daddy | 11 September 2017
NYC Navy shows it’s Stuff..

Authorities: Gold miners at a bar bragged about slaughtering members of a reclusive Brazilian tribe
Washington Post | 11 September 2017
Published on an Appropriate Date…

Hurricane Irma as a Symbol for America
Jon Rappoport | 10 September 2017
Purpose is to make people…

The Science Behind the Collapse of the Three World Trade Center Towers on 9/11
Progressive Spirit | 09 September 2017
Scientists who refuse to be bullied and who present…


Angela Merkel Pelted with Tomatoes by Voters During Campaign Rally (Video)
The Duran | 09 September 2017

Nikki Haley was offered Secretary of States job and Turned it Down
The Duran | 08 September 2017

Russian Foreign Ministry Office Makes a Statement about the Ransacking of Russian Diplomatic Property by US
The Saker | 08 September 2017
Everything started as confirmation by the Obama…

Russian Foreign Ministry Wonders if the Americans will Plant ‘Compromising Material’ in the Diplomatic Buildings
RT | 08 September 2017
No way…

Russia to Move Away from Buying Foreign Software
RT | 08 September 2017
Might be told…

Local: How Long Will You Live? It Might Depend on Your King County Neighborhood
Seattle Times | 05 September 2017
(See article below) Reveals disparities…closely linked to…

Variation in Life Expectancy and Mortality be Cause Among Neighbourhoods in King County, WA. USA
Lancet | September 2017
Have not been previously described…

Putin Teases That Tillerson “Fell In With The Wrong Crowd”

News Video | 07 September 2017
At the Eastern Economic Forum in…

Steve Bannon says he’s “a street fighter,” vows to support Trump
CBS News | 07 September 2017
Destroy his…

U.S. Virgin Islands Authorizes to Seize All Guns Due to Hurricane
Armstrong Economics | 07 September 2017
National Guard and the local government…

Latest Solari Donation
Save Craig Murray: I am Being Sued for Libel in the High Court
Craig Murray | 06 September 2017
Stifle freedom of speech…

What Country Is This? Forced Blood Draws, Cavity Searches and Colonoscopies [SHORT]
Rutherford Institute | 05 September 2017
“Rape by cop”…

Madigan: Power. Privilege. Politics

YouTube | 03 November 2016
(2016) Every election…implications…Metro Scandal…

PAPER: NSA Offered Hillary Clinton’s “Lost” Emails to FBI— Comey Turned Them Down
SGT Report | 06 September 2017
In fact — the NSA…

Hillary Clinton Blames Her Loss on Sanders
Undernews | 05 September 2017
Being a much less…

Trump Ends ‘Dreamer’ Immigration Program, Places Onus on Congress
Reuters | 05 September 2017
Nation of laws…

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: Putin Warns of Planetary Catastrophe
Guardian| 05 September 2017
Interventions in Iraq and Libya…

Virgin Islands Allows National Guard To Seize Guns, Ammo Ahead Of Hurricane Irma
Daily Caller | 05 September 2017
U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. …

Catherine’s Latest Petition Signature
Stop the U.N. Gun Ban
Nat. Assoc. of Gun Right | August 2017
“Please sign your Firearms Sovereignty Survey”…

Electromagnetic Pulse: North Korea’s Latest Threat Against U.S.
WSJ | 03 September 2017
Can be detonated even at high…

China ‘Strongly Condemns’ N. Korean Nuclear Test: Foreign Ministry
Yahoo | 03 September 2017
Pyongyang declared…

‘Artificial Earthquake’ Strikes North Korea Near Known Nuclear Test Site
RT | 03 September 2017
Far more powerful than…

Putin on N. Korea Crisis: Tensions ‘Balancing on Brink of Large-scale Conflict’
RT | 01 September 2017
Common goal…

A Brief Explainer on the BRICS Summit in China’s Xiamen
Yahoo | 01 September 2017
Position themselves as…

Diplomatic Security Special Agent, Former Dayton Police Officer, Found Dead in Potomac River
WHIO | 01 September2017
Jurisdiction over classified…

First They Came For the Nazis and Pedophiles…
The Saker | 30 August 2017
(Saker’s free book: “The Essential Saker: from the trenches of the emerging multipolar world”) Shut down the account of…

Syria Emerging Victorious
Information Clearing House | 31 August 2017
Sea-change in the way the US now wages armed…

Trump Awards $700MM Afghanistan Contract to Leidos, Lockheed & SAIC Spinoff Believed to Control Important Missing Money Payment System Contractors
RT | 29 August 2017
See below two related links…

Leidos Works Extensively with the United States Department of Defense (4th Largest DoD Contractor FY2012
Wikipedia |29 August 2017
Relates to Trump Awards $700MM story above…

Solari Commentary: Lockheed Cuts & Runs
Solari | 15 August 2016
Relates to Trump Awards $700MM story above…


Former FBI Assistant Director: “Hillary’s Crimes Would Land a Normal Person in Federal Prison”
Duran | 02 September 2017
Even more concerning is…

CIA Agent Whistleblower Kevin Schipp Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

YouTube | 23 August 2017
Supercedes the entire rest of…deep versus shadow…

Victoria Nuland Lands at Yale ( Is Yale’s Endowment an investor in Ukraine?)
Yale News | 01 September 2017
Focus of the module taught…is…

Putin on N. Korea Crisis: Tensions ‘Balancing on Brink of Large-scale Conflict’
RT | 01 September 2017
“Misguided and futile” …

Moscow Furious Over US Plan To Search Russia Trade Mission, Calls It “Unprecedented Aggressive Action”
Zero Hedge | 02 September 2017
Last minute confidential…

A Judge Ruled this Veteran is a US Citizen. Now He Faces Deportation to Mexico
Guardian | 01 September 2017
Immigration and citizenship battle dating back…

Robert Mueller and NY Attorney General Working on Manafort Investigation – Report
Guardian | 31 August 2017
Clearest indication yet that…

Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities
Free Beacon | 31 August 2017
Isn’t about Defending Civil Rights; This is About Attacking

Whistleblower Lawsuit Charges Illegal Retaliation, Dangerous Practices at CIA’s Elite Directorate of Operations
POGO | 24 August 2017
Growing list of…

Saker Request for Comment, Suggestions + a Poll and “Essential SAKER” on free download!
The Saker | 30 August 2017
My second book. It’s full title will be…

North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan, Sharply Escalating Tensions
Reuters | 28 August 2017

Journalist Interrogated, Fired For Story Linking CIA And Syria Weapons Flights
Zero Hedge | 28 August 2017
USSOCOM, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Germany, Denmark, and…

Cynthia McKinney On The Left Right Divide And The Power Cell Solution #UNRIG

YouTube | 25 August 2017

The Lies of 9/11 “Miracle Workers”. Bush and Cheney, How They Ruined America and the World
Global Research | 28 August 2017
15 major miracles” of 9/11…

Podesta Group Subpoenaed by Mueller in Russia Probe
True Pundit | 27 August 2017

What’s Really Going on with those Expensive Aegis Class Missile…Part One
Giza Death Star | 26 August 2017
Fast forward to…

What’s Really Going on with those Expensive Aegis Class Missile…Part Two
Giza Death Star | 27 August 2017
About the crews of…

US to Pause Naval Operations Worldwide After USS John McCain Collision
Sputnik News | 21 August 2017
Seven Navy personnel…

First Annual 9/11 Activist Summit
NewsBud | 27 August 2017
Panelists: Cynthia McKinney, Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett, Wayne Madsen, Daniel Estulin…

‘Restraint’ Appears To Be Over As North Korea Launches Missile Test Again
NPR | 26 August 2017
Same time as…

Social Media as a Tool of Hybrid Warfare; The Case of Syria (Important Note by The Saker)
The Saker | 23 August 2017
How the “Empire” works at…

And Operation Enduring Poppy Protection Forever Will Go On…Forever.
Facebook | 22 August 2017
Pepe Escobar…

Ex-DNC chair Wasserman Schultz Cleared of Fraud in Federal Court
RT | 27 August 2017
Means the truth of their claims cannot be tested in…

Gregory Ackers VS Donna Brazile, CNN,Hillary Rodham Clinton, DSC
IMGUR | 21 August 2017
Files: Fraud, Racketeering, Breach of Fiduciary…

These are All the Countries the USA has Invaded, in One Map
Indy 100 | 23 August 2017
From almost…

The Media Is the Villain – for Creating a World Dumb Enough for Trump
Rolling Stone | 25 August 2017
CNN is doing business at…

Exclusive Richard Dolan Lecture on the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

YouTube | 22 July 2017
U.S. is motivated…