John Kerry and Prince Charles kill the Israeli Project
Veterans Today | 16 November 2017
Kerry produced another devastating attack on the Israeli…

Roseanne Barr Warns Globalist Swamp that Child Trafficking Network is about to be Exposed
The Duran | 13 November 2017
Stunning revelations…

Germany Replaces US as most Respected Country
Undernews | 17 November 2017
Power and quality of…

The U.S. Flooded One of Houston’s Richest Neighborhoods to Save Everyone Else
Bloomberg | 17 November 2017

Hard Decisions were made…

Libya’s Slave Auctions And African Genocide: What Hillary Knew
Zero Hedge | 16 November 2017
That NATO’s…

Money Diaries, Where Millennial Women Go to Judge One Another’s Spending Habits
New Yorker | 16 November 2017
Step to getting your financial…

Senate to Add Obamacare Repeal to Tax Bill
Daily Bellwether | 15 November 2017

Venezuela Signs $3.2 Billion Debt Restructuring Deal With Russia
Infowars | 15 November 2017
Throws a…

Israel’s Money Machine
Information Clearing House | 14 November 2017
War crimes…

Saudi Arabia Agrees to Lift Blockade on Yemen as Children Face Starvation & Cholera
RT | 14 November 2017

Special Counsel Robert Mueller?’s Investigation of Michael Flynn Could Be More Damaging to Mueller Than to Flynn
Need to Know | 13 November 2017
Closed down the FBI’s own investigation of…

RT files for registration as ‘foreign agent’ in US facing ultimatum from Washington
RT | 13 November 2017
1938 legislation was adopted to…

Duma Could Pass Restrictions Against Foreign Media this Week – Deputy Speaker
RT | 13 November 2017
Duma Council voted to…

Russia Squeezing US Out as Agricultural Superpower
RT | 13 November 2017
Conditions along with…

Dennis Kucinich Discusses the ‘Permanent Government’ behind US Foreign Intervention
Ron Paul Institute | 13 November 2017
Listen to Kucinich’s complete interview…

Will America Survive Washington?
Information Clearing House | 13 November 2017
We are experiencing the total…

Dr Mark Skidmore & Catherine Austin Fitts with Dr. Dave Janda
Dave Janda | 12 November 2017
Listen to full podcast: Great to the Point Interviews!!!

Dr Mark Skidmore & Catherine Austin Fitts with Dr. Dave Janda
Dave Janda | 12 November2017

Meet the Progressives Elected after Trump: America’s New Political Coalition
Guardian | 12 November 2017
Engagement with those issues that…

Rep. Mike Kelly Confronts IRS Commissioner on “Extortion” of Small Businesses

You Tube | 26 May 2016
Great IRS Roasting…

U.S. Towns, Cities Fear Taxpayer Revolt if Republicans Kill Deduction
Reuters | 16 November 2017
Future local…

Ross Backs Post-Brexit UK-US Trade Deal
BBC | 06 November 2017
Similar meeting will be…

Another Reason To Drain The Swamp: Sexual Harassment Is Rampant In The Halls Of Congress
Infowars | 16 November 2017
The corrupt career politicians…

Saudi offer in Corruption Crackdown: ‘Cough up the Cash and Go Home’
Guardian | 16 November 2017
Wished to “return Saudi Arabia to…

Corruption Trial of Senator Menendez Ends in Mistrial
Reuters | 16 November 2017
First high-profile…

Bill Clinton: A Reckoning
The Atlantic | 13 November 2017
Possible for politics and moral behavior…

Anatomy of a purge: MBS’s actions, Saudi Arabia’s crisis, and its coming collapse
The Duran | 12 November 2017
Saudi Coup Details…

The Saudi-Iran Brewing War
Martin Armstrong | 12 November 2017
The Next Domino…

House to Vote on Giving Amazon $53 Billion Deal to Become Main Pentagon Supplier
WSWS | 11 November 2017
Requires the Defense Department to…

Regulators Begin to Tackle the Craze for Initial Coin Offerings
Economist | 14 November 2017

Revealed – Saudis Plan To Give Up Palestine – For War On Iran
Information Clearing House | 15 November 2017
If the Trump administration is willing…

As Fools Fight to Fix a Broken Party, Gabbard Fights to Fix a Broken Democracy
Extra News Feed | 09 November 2017
Messaging on reform is unique in…

The Assault On RT America
Information Clearing House | 09 November 2017
Institutions tasked with defending press…

Senators Want to Expand the Background Checks that Didn’t Stop the Texas or Las Vegas Killers
Gun Owners | 08 November 2017
Why GOA opposes the background…

Regulators Begin to Tackle the Craze for Initial Coin Offerings
Economist | 08 November 2017
Difficult legal…

Mueller team won battle to force testimony from lawyer for Manafort and Gates
Politico | 30 October 2017
Alternative Motives Revealed….

Swiss Gun Ownership – The REAL Story

You Tube | 11 July 2017
Highly Regulated Firearm Ownership….

The Crimes Americans Worry About Most
Zero Hedge | 12 November 2017
Beware the Cyber Crime Boogeyman…

Toward a Ban on Lethal Autonomous Weapons: Surmounting the Obstacles
Communications of the ACM | May 2017
Linguistic obfuscations can…



You Tube | 06 November 2017
Don’t You Miss the November 12th Show!!!

Breaking: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Special Counsel Mueller’s Conflict of Interest!

You Tube | 24 October 2017
More on Mueller’s Hit Job on Gen. Flynn..

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Mueller’s Crimes

Info Wars | 09 November 2017
The Hit Job on Gen. Flynn…

Latest Solari Donation
Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church
An Invitation to Donate to the Victims…

EXCLUSIVE: Texas Massacre Hero, Stephen Willeford, Describes Stopping Gunman | Louder With Crowder

You Tube | 06 November 2017
Willeford Circumventing MSM…

Stephen Willeford: NRA Member and Texas Hero

You Tube | 06 November 2017
A Rifle in the Right Hands…

Stinchfield | Stephen Willeford: CNN Got it All Wrong – 11/8/17

You Tube | 08 November 2017
MSM Sticking to the Script….

Texas church shooting survivor watched gunman shoot woman next to her
CBS News | 07 November 2017

A Survivors Tale…

Good Guy with a Gun: Stephen Willeford Named as Man Who Stopped Texas Shooter
Breitbart | 06 November 2017

Texans Come to the Rescue…

The Texas Church Shooting Was Eerily Foreshadowed in Mass Media
Vigilant Citizen | 07 November 2017

Eerie Similarities…

Worst mass shooting in Texas History claims 26 at a church near San Antonio
My San Antonio | 06 November 2017

Church Shooting Aftermath…

Latest Solari Donation
Gun Owners of America
Excellent Gun Rights Group…

There’s No Such Thing As An “American” Homicide Rate
Zero Hedge | 06 November 2017

Location, location, location…

Knife-Related Crime Skyrockets in London as Police Struggle for a Solution
Guns America | 03 November 2017

Statistically, Knife Wounds are Much more Lethal than Bullet Wounds…

Chicago Approaching its 600th Homicide for the Year
Truth Revolt | 07 November 2017

The Off the Chart Carnage in Chicago Continues…

The Men Who Killed Kennedy The Truth Will Make You Free

You Tube | 05 November 2015
Fifty Four Years and Counting…

Richie From Boston Channel Shut Down

You Tube | 05 November 2017
The Cone of Censorship is Expanding….

BREAKING!!Julian Assange JUST EXPOSED Adam Schiff AGAINST PRESIDENT Trump In an Exclusive Interview

You Tube | 06 November 2017
Amy Goodman Sinks Lower with the Ever Informative Julian Assange

Trump’s Pivot to Asia – An Arms Sales Bonanza – An Anti-Peace Trip
The Saker | 10 November 2017

MIC Sales Rep…

America’s cruel way to punish poor debtors: take away their driver’s license
The Guardian | 10 November 2017

Have Debt? Lose License….

Trump, Xi Push Opposing Views on Trade
WSJ | 09 November 2017

Winds of Trade Change….

What Russian TV is saying about Thierry Meyssan’s book
Voltaire Net | 11 November 2017

Deep State Recent History…

‘McCarthyism on steroids’: US war on Russian media won’t stop with branding RT foreign agent
RT | 10 November 2017
Cold War II OCD…

Putin: US wants to disrupt upcoming Russian presidential election
RT | 09 November 2017

A More Believable Scenario….

Debunking two American myths
The Saker | 10 November 2017

Holes in the US War Game…

‘Vacuum & isolation’: Russia may restrict access to CNN in reply to US sanctions, says senator
RT | 09 November 2017
CNN for RT…

Russia will implement retaliatory measures over US actions against RT next week
RT | 09 November 2017
Sanction Tit for Tat….

US imposes sanctions against 10 Venezuelan officials over election
RT | 09 November 2017

More Sanctions…

‘Zero evidence’ that Russia hacked DNC, says NSA whistleblower (VIDEO)
RT | 09 November 2017

Wm. Binney Hits One out of the Park Instant Replay..

CIA Director Met With NSA Whistleblower Who Disputes Russia’s Role In DNC Hack
Zero Hedge | 07 November 2017

Wm. Binney Hits One out of the Park

Donna Brazile Dedicates Book To “Patriot” Seth Rich
The seven Republican super-donors who keep money in tax havens
The Guardian UK | 07 November 2017

PTB Tax Havens…

House Judiciary Committee Forced Into Difficult Compromise On Surveillance Reform
EFF | 09 November 2017

Compromising with Big Brother…

22 indicted in ‘significant’ Brentwood human trafficking sting
Tennessean | 09 November 2017

TBI Makes Big Hit…

Schools Installing Cameras In High School Bathrooms; Parents Outraged Over Disgusting Privacy Violation
Activist Post | 07 November 2017

Trading Privacy for Security less than Zero…..

How it became a crime to be poor in America
The Guardian | 06 November 2017
Putting the Squeeze on the Bottom Wrung..

For The First Time In 13 Years, U.S. Deploys 7 Aircraft Carriers Simultaneously
Zero Hedge | 06 November 2017

Serious Show of Force…

Rand Paul recovering from 5 broken ribs after attack at Kentucky home
Fox News | 06 November 2017

Wow, Five Ribs???

Harvey Weinstein lawyer David Boies’s quiet career squashing stories for the powerful
Quartz | 07 November 2017

Keeping the Lid On for the Top Echelon…

Four Viral Claims Spread by Journalists on Twitter in the Last Week Alone That Are False
The Intercept | 05 November 2017

More MSM Malfunctions…

News and Views from the Nefarium Nov 09 2017

JP Farrell | 09 November 2017
Saudi Purge, Connecting the Dots….

The End of “The End of History” – U.S. Mid-East Policy’s Fork in the Road
Tom Luongo | 10 November 2017

Saudi Purge, by the Numbers…

7.2 magnitude earthquake, kills at least 2 in Iran
Fox News | 10 November 2017

Natural or Man Made???

Saudi Arabia orders its citizens out of Lebanon
CBS News | 09 November 2017

Changes and Escalations???

What Is Happening In Saudi Arabia? – Marwa Osman on The Corbett Report

Corbett Report | 09 November 2017
Saudi Purge Blow by Blow…

Real Motive Behind Saudi Purge Emerges: $800 Billion In Confiscated Assets
Zero Hedge | 08 November 2017

Saudi Purge is Right…

Saudi Gets First Real Government
Asian Times | 07 November 2017

Wait and See…

Blaming Iran, Saudi says Huthi strike may be ‘act of war’
Yahoo News | 06 November 2017

A War to Divert Internal Strife??

In Shocking Purge, Saudi King Arrests Billionaire Prince Bin Talal, Dozens Of Others In Cabinet Crackdown
Zero Hedge | 05 November 2017

Game of Thrones in Saudi….

1,000 Clinton-Petraeus emails missing from records sent to State, FBI files show
Fox News | 22 October 2017
Would You Believe More Missing Emails???

Several of Top Saudi Officials Arrested Over Weekend Are Linked to Podesta Group
The Gateway Pundit | 06 November 2017

Podesta Saudi Link…

Democratic powerhouse Tony Podesta struck it rich with Oakland schools
SF Chronicle | 06 November 2017

Lobbying Charges Questioned…

Rumors Swirl About Mueller Probe After 34 Sealed Cases Filed in D.C. Federal Court
Law Newz | 09 November 2017

34 Sealed Cases!!!

Mueller probe draws in Tony Podesta, Vin Weber: AP
CBS News | 03 November 2017
Mueller’s Net Expands..

Mueller Has Enough Evidence to Bring Charges in Flynn Investigation

NBC News | 05 November 2017

Mueller’s Focus…

Nurse, 26, upsets longtime mayor with ‘grandkids older than she is’
Undernews | 09 November 2017

Irish Political Shake Ups Cont’d…

US imposes sanctions against 10 Venezuelan officials over election
RT | 09 November 2017

More Screws on Venezuela…


Corey Feldman Thinks Michael Jackson Was Innocent Of Child Molestation
Zero Hedge | 31 October 2017
Nobody’s going to stop…

Mueller Probe Draws in Tony Podesta, Vin Weber
CBS News | 03 November 2017
To pay secretly for…

Catherine Austin Fitts -The Missing Trillions: A Constitutional Crisis!

YouTube | 30 October 2017
The 800 lb. Gorilla in the Room!!!

George Soros’ Right Hand Man Arrested For Rape And Human Trafficking
Your News Wire | January 2017
Female fixers and a…

Fighter jets with laser weapons set to take to the skies in 2021 as Lockheed Martin wins $26 million ‘Lance’ high-energy laser contract
Daily Mail UK | 06 November 2017
Already Here???

NorCal Fire Captain says DEW the “The Only Plausible Explanation”
Forbidden Knowledge | 03 November 2017
Whose DEW is the Question???

Donna Brazile: “I Considered Replacing Hillary With Joe Biden”, Felt Like A “Slave”
Zero Hedge | 04 November 2017
Insights into the Clinton Plantation…

Newt Gingrich: The Clintons started the so-called Russian collusion scandal and may be destroyed by it
Fox News | 27 October 2017
Clinton Nuclear Hand Grenade…

The Clinton-Directed FBI Hit Job
World Net Daily | 03 November 2017
Selective Enforcement at the Top…

Donna Brazile Says She “Feared For Her Life” After Seth Rich Was Killed
Zero Hedge | 04 November 2017
Zero Investigations as Yet….

Rand Paul Assaulted By Intruder At Kentucky Home
Zero Hedge | 04 November 2017
Will Dueling Make a Come Back??

Is The U.S. Navy Being Truthful With Its Report On Recent Crash Incidents?
FM Shooter | 04 November 2017
More Digital Systems Called into Question…

Now, Silicon Valley Is Totally Cool With a Bill That Could Ruin the Internet Gizmodo | 04 November 2017
Protecting Children and Crushing the Net…

Dotcom wins settlement from police over the 2012 dawn raid which saw him arrested
NZ Herald | 04 November 2017
The Record Time of 5 Years, Amazing….

Washington Stomps on Civil Liberty
Paul Craig Robers | 03 November 2017
FedGov.Inc fears RT…

Congress is about to re-authorize the worst surveillance law in history.
Action Network |  October 2017
Catherine’s Latest Petition…

Joe Rogan & Jordan Peterson discuss Transgender Pronoun MADNESS

YouTube |01 December 2016
Can’t Make this Stuff Up…

WOW! AG Sessions Goes Full Deep State — Calls For Permanent Spying On Americans — Refuses To Prosecute Hillary, Comey & Mueller!
The Gateway Pundit | 02 November 2017
In Your Face Selective Enforcement….

Pictured: The humble post box numbered 666 which Google uses to funnel £8BILLION of profits a year on the Caribbean zero-tax haven of Bermuda
Daily Mail UK | 05 February 2016
Thought Halloween was Over????

Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC
Politico | 02 November 2017
Clinton’s Coup…

Texas Representative Lamar Smith to Retire from Congress
IP Watchdog | 02 November 2017

Can’t Stand the Heat in the Proverbial Kitchen…

Must See Interview of Maria Zakharova on Russian TV (Updated Transcript)
The Saker | November 2017

Video link problems…

Vladimir Putin’s suspicions are confirmed in a shocking admission by US air force
The Duran | 02 November 2017
More B-Movie Horror Show Plot Line Confirmation…

Putin questions America’s creepy collection of Russian DNA for possible bio-weapons program
The Duran | 01 November 2017
More B-Movie Horror Show Plot Lines…

Hollywood Elite Strike Back: Arrest Warrant Issued For Rose McGowan: “Are They Trying To Silence Me?”
SHTF Plan |  October 2017
Very Convenient Timing…

Poll: 71% of Americans Say Political Correctness Has Silenced Discussions Society Needs to Have, 58% Have Political Views They’re Afraid to Share
Cato Institute | 31 October 2017

Elitist’s Efforts to Crush Civil Discourse..

Twitter Admits It Buried “Podesta Email”, DNC Tweets Ahead Of The Presidential Election
Zero Hedge | 02 November 2017
Zero Integrity….

There Can be no Peace in the Post Human American Empire
Katehon | 26 May 2016
Elitist Push the NWO…

Europe: You Can Add Lombardy and Veneto to the List
JP Farrell | 01 November 2017
Stick a Fork in the EU..

Katrina’s ‘Golden Opportunity’: 10 Years of Corporate Media Celebrating Disaster
Fair | 25 December 2015

Disaster Capitalism, by the Numbers…

What Happened When One Texas County Tried to Build a Cheap, Open-Source Election System
Texas Standard | 30  October 2017

Transparency Need Not Apply..

Someone’s spying on Florida legislators. Tallahassee is on edge.
Tampa Bay Times |  October 2017

Intrigue in the Sunshine State…

American Oligarchs Are Plotting the Biggest Heist in U.S. History
Information Clearing House | 30  October 2017

The Harvest on Steroids…

Husband and wife who survived Las Vegas massacre die weeks later in car accident
ABC News | 30 October 2017

Yet Another Amazing Coincidence…

Las Vegas shooter’s laptop missing its hard drive
ABC News | 25 October 2017
More Amazing Coincidences…

Judge largely blocks Trump’s military transgender ban
ABC News | 30 October 2017
Battle Lines Drawn…

Crime Prevention Research Center
Crime Research | 30 October 2017

Excellent Resource…

Tony Podesta stepping down from lobbying giant amid Mueller probe
Politico | 30 October 2017

Mission Creep Continues…

The North Korean Nuclear Challenge:
Military Options and Issues for Congress

FAS | 27 October 2017
MIC Boogie Man…

A history of US nuclear weapons in South Korea
Tandf On Line | 26 October 2017

Korean Nukes back story….

Kim’s Disaster: North Korea nuclear tunnel COLLAPSES ‘killing at least 200 people’ amid fears of a massive radioactive leak
Sun UK | 27 November 2017

Amazing How that Works..

Mattis warns ‘massive’ response to North Korea nuclear weapon use
Space War | 28 October 2017

Dope Funds Strong Militaries…

North Korea Is A Major Opium Producer, Making It A Prime Target For The CIA
Mint Press News | 28 May 2017

Dope Inc eyes Another Target…

The charges against Paul Manafort – full text of indictment
The Guardian | 30 October 2017

Manafort Allegations….

Lyn Ulbricht – The Far Reaching Impact of the Silk Road Case

YouTube | 20 October 2012
Double life sentence…Biggest drug seller got ten…

APNewsBreak: Georgia election server wiped after suit filed
AP News | 27 October 2017

Again, Digital Systems have Zero Integrity….

Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Dr. Laura Pressley on Austin, Texas Electronic Voting Fraud
Sofia Smallstorm | 16 October 2017

Black Box Called into Question..

The Case of Dr. Laura Pressley – a Study in Texas Election Law
Black Box Voting | 14 June 2017
Take Note, Very Important!!!

How Astroturfing and Other Media Manipulation Compromise Your Ability to Get Truthful Information
Mercola | 28 October 2017
Continued FedGov.Inc Collusion Mis-Dis-Info….

In Shocking, Viral Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War
Zero Hedge | 28 October 2017
More Mis-Dis-Info…


Maryland Becomes the Latest State to Make It Illegal to Protest Israel’s Occupation of Palestine
MIC | 25 October2017

Linda Moulton How LIVE 10/26/2017 – Important Information about the JKF Assassination

Linda Moulton Howe | 26 October 2017
JFK Revelations by the Numbers…

JFK Assassination Records Release Update: CIA Attempts to Block New Documents

Dark Journalist | 26 October 2017
Will Everything be Released????

The One Paragraph You Need To Read From The JFK Assassination Files That May Change Everything
Zero Hedge | 27 October 2017

The Surgeon General Said, “Shot from the Front”…

Most Americans Believe JFK Conspiracy Theories
Zero Hedge | 26 October 2017
HSCA Findings are Never Mentioned…

J.F.K. Files, Though Incomplete, Are a Treasure Trove for Answer Seekers
NYT | 26 October 2017
In Praise of the Partial Release…

U.N. Report Bolsters Theory Dag Hammarskjold’s 1961 Plane Crash was No Accident
Post Gazette | 25 October 2017
Western political and mining interests not eager…

Dave Janda – Top Wall Street, Hollywood, D.C. Involved in Child Abuse

YouTube | 21 October 2017
Pedo Gate / Big Pharma’s MSM Influence….

AN OPEN SECRET. Official PG-13 version. Copyright Esponda Productions LLC #AnOpenSecret FINAL
Vimeo |  October 2015
More Dark Underbelly of Hollywood…

Corey Feldman’s Truth Campaign

YouTube | 25 October 2017
Feldman’s Own Words…

Corey Feldman Arrested After Announcing He Is Working on a Plan to Reveal Hollywood Pedophiles
Need to Know News | 23  October 2017
Just Another Amazing Coincidence…!

See the Groundbreaking Film that Exposes Hollywood Pedophilia
Info Wars| 20 October 2017
Pedo Gate West…

FBI Still Has Good Side. 84 Children Rescued from Prostitution, and 120 Human Traffickers Arrested
Need to Know News | 23  October 2017
Kudos to the FBI…

What the Hell is Happening Here at Hooters/Las Vegas on Oct. 1st (New Video)

YouTube | 21 October 2017
Ambulances at Hooters Casino…

The Las Vegas Shooting Won’t Go Away
Paul Craig Roberts | 26  October 2017

Lee Harvey Oswald West…

Jon Rappoport: World Blows Up! 10/19/17 Alex Jones Infowars

Info Wars | 19 October 2017
The Unraveling..

Stacy Herbert: Good Wrap Up on the News

YouTube | 24 October 2017
MSM Epic Fail…

Latest Solari Donation
Bobby McIlviane Act Viral Video
Purpose: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth | October 2017
More Unraveling…

Icelandic parliamentary election, 2017
Wiki | 28 October 2017
1st World Elections…

Not Knowing is Not Enough
Financial Review | 27 October 2017
More Questions..

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Deemed Ineligible for Office
US News | 27 October 2017

Dual Citizenship Called into Question…

Oregon governor signs gun confiscation bill into law
Guns | 17 August 2017
Mr. Global’s Agenda…

Consumer Bureau Loses Fight to Allow More Class-Action Suits
NYT | 26 October 2017

Didn’t Ralph Nader Warn Us About This???

ALEC’s Corporate Sponsors Top Nation’s Lawbreaker List
PR Watch | 24  October 2017

The Usual Suspects…

Unauditable? A discussion about defense department bookkeeping with a former Pentagon auditor
Truth in Accounting | 17  October 2017

MIA DOD Money….

Fukushima victims appeal $1,500 compensation payouts
RT | 23  October 2017

The Term is “Chump Change”…

Full Circle? The Gates Pivot on Education and Where K-12 Philanthropy Is Heading
Inside Philanthropy | 23  October 2017

Gate’s Ongoing Experiment….

Trump takes up again the fight against the US establishment
Voltaire Net | 24 October 2017

PTB Civil War is On…

Pre-Wheelchair George H.W. Bush Groped Me in 2006, Fourth Woman Accuses
Common Dreams | 27 October 2017

More Detail on Bush I Accusations..

Former Maine Senate candidate claims President George H.W. Bush groped her, brings accusers total to four
NY Daily News | 27 October 2017

The Accusations Continue…

Third woman accuses George H.W. Bush of groping, making ‘David Cop-a-feel’ joke
Chicago Tribune | 27  October 2017

Strike Three…

Bush Sr. says sorry after actor alleges he sexually assaulted her
Twitter | 25 October 2017

CEO of BushCo Still Alive and Well…

REWIND: FBI Used Clinton Campaign’s Steele Dossier to Get FISA Warrant on Trump Campaign
PJ Media | 26 October 2017

Deep State Machinations…

Senators rally behind Trump and his agenda after mini-revolt
AP News | 26 October 2017

The Battle Plan is Being Executed…

As Luxury Apartments Rise, Homelessness in New York City Reaches Highest Levels Since the Great Depression
Truth Out | 23 October 2017

The Harvest Continues…

Globalisation has marginalised many regions in the rich world
The Economist | 21 October 2017

Mr. Global Thinks He’s God…

Black lists matter: the betrayal of democratic liberalism
Medium | 28 October 2017
Soros Style McCarthyism…

Hungary Orders Spies to Target Soros ‘Empire’
Bloomberg | 27 October 2017

Mr. Global is Losing Friends Fast….

Texas governor withholds Harvey recovery funds from Houston
Think Progress | 19 September
Disaster Budget Stress…

Japan’s Abe to push pacifist constitution reform after strong election win
Reuters | 22  October 2017
Abe Assumes More Control…

Exit Polls Project Sweeping Victory, Supermajority For Japan’s Abe
Zero Hedge | 22 October 2017
Abe’s Clean Sweep…

EXCLUSIVE: US Preparing to Put Nuclear Bombers Back on 24-Hour Alert
Defense One | 22 October 2017
Escalation in the Air…

Monarch: The New Phoenix Program
Top Documentary |  October 2017
The Phoenix Rises…

Air Force To Recall Up To 1,000 Retired Military Pilots After Trump Unexpectedly Revises Sept 11 Executive Order
Zero Hedge | 22 October 2017

The Consequences of War w/o End Amen…

Germany’s Delegation To Russia Signals That Merkel Is Looking For New Allies
Zero Hedge | 24 October 2017

Russia and Germany Say No to Cold War II..

Mueller Now Investigating Democratic Lobbyist Tony Podesta
NBC News | 24  October 2017

More Russian Investigation Mission Creep…

Checkered Champion Bill Browder, Anti-Corruption Crusader, Got $70 Million from Tax Evasion and Fraud in Russia
100 Reports | 20 October 2017

More Rape of Russia Details…

Bombshell: Hillary Clinton And The DNC Colluded With Russia In An Attempt To STEAL The Election From Donald Trump
SHTFP | 27  October 2017

Evidence Pot Called Kettle Black w/ Russian Assistance…

Jimmy Carter Unleashed: Russians Didn’t Alter Election, Obama Didn’t Deliver, We Didn’t Vote For Hillary
Daily Wire | 22 October 2017

Reality Check…

Macron’s Call to Federalize Europe
Martin Armstrong| 22  October 2017

More Centralization…

Sicily votes 81% against the EU Status Quo – It Begins!
Martin Armstrong | 11 November 2017

Sicily is Next….

Northern Italy regions overwhelmingly vote for greater autonomy
The Guardian UK | 22  October 2017

Centralization Push Back…

Obama Uranium One Deal Is Allowing Yellowcake Uranium to Be Shipped to Unknown Destinations
Need to Know News | 23  October 2017

Stealth Nuclear Proliferation…

The Obama Administration’s Uranium One Scandal
National Review | 21  October 2017
Russian Scandal Mission Creep…

Putin says to stop criticizing Trump
Undernews | 21 October 2017

Putin Thumbs Up…

Search Results for Corporatocractic Surveillance Just Got One Step More Invasive
Activist Post | 26  October 2017

Big.Inc Can Enter Your Home???

U.S. Government Targets “Homegrown Violent Extremists” In Broad Surveillance
Activist Post | 26 October 2017

Extremely Broad a Definition…

More than half of US prisoners are slaves
Undernews | 21 October 2017

Slavery in the Modern Day…

Video: The Vietnam War and the Phoenix Program: “A Computerized Genocide” | Global Research
CGS Monitor | 20 October 2017

The Foundation of War w/o End Amen…

America’s Top Fears 2017
Chapan University | 11  October 2017

Top 10 Real or Imagined…

Bannon Blasts “Embarrassing” Bush, Slams Silicon Valley’s “Lords Of Technology”
Zero Hedge | 21  October 2017
Bush Called Out…

Silverglate: How Robert Mueller Tried To Entrap Me
WBGH | 17 October 2017
Mueller on the Hot Seat…

Thousands rally for Spanish unity in Madrid
RT | 28 October 2017

Counter Separatist Rallies….

Spain PM Fires Catalan Government, Calls Snap Elections In Retaliation For Independence Vote
Zero Hedge | 27 October 2017
More Spain Lowers the Boom..

Spain Will Remove Catalonia Leader, Escalating Secession Crisis
NYT | 21 October 2017
Spain Lowers the Boom…

Trump says he’ll allow the release of more than 3,000 classified JFK files — here’s what you need to know
Nordic Business Insider | 21  October 2017
54 Years Later CIA is still Terrified….

The IRS seized $59,000 from a gas station owner. They still refuse to give it back.
Washington Post | 16 October 2017
Justice Delayed is Justice Denied….

Architects and Engineers for911 Truth
AE911 Truth | October 2017