101-Year-Old Indian Woman Wins 100 Meter Dash at World Masters Games in New Zealand as the Only Competitor in the 100+ Age Category.
Twitter-ABC | 25 April 2017
What’s Our Excuse?

Where to Live to Avoid a Natural Disaster
NYT | 30 April 2011
Natural Hazard Map…


How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda
Mainstream Media | 22 April 2017

Elias Alias: Heirs to Self Knowledge Shed Gently Their Fear
Elias Alias | 22 April 2017
A bit of needed candor…

Sask. Ranchers Stunned as Beaver Herds 150 Cattle
CBC | 18 April 2017
Unusual Hobby…


‘Trailblazing’ NY Judge Found Dead in Hudson River
RT | 14 April 2017
Found fully…

New York City’s Black Children Die from Injuries at Three Times the Rate of other Kids
NY Daily | 14 April 2017
From injuries at…

Two-Millennia-Old Underground City Unearthed in Iran
IFP News | 12 April 2017
Achaemenid Empire…. Parthian Empire…

Police: Wallingford Chief Is Reviewing Report Of Sex Abuse At Choate
Courant | 14 April 2017
Handled quietly and not…

Feds Arrest Detroit Doctor for Female Genital Mutilation of Girls Across American Midwest
Breitbart | 13 April 2017
FGM prosecution in America under a new…

Dolphins Ride Waves and Leap in the Air Astounding Surfers off Sennen Cove in Cornwall
Cornwall Live | 11 April 2017
Dolphins Take to the Beach in UK…

NY Makes Tuition Free, but Students Must Stay after College
ABC News | 10 April 2017
Loan if they…


Sleep Is the New Status Symbol
NYT | 08 April 2017
Lack of Sleep Ages Brain…

Agriculture and Autism: A Perfect Match
Permaculture Research Institute | 06 April 2017
A Natural match….

The Raising of the Blue Barn
Arnosky Family Farms | April 2017
200 friends and neighbors…

After a Deadly Fire, a Small Town’s Trauma Remains
Boston Globe | 01 April 2017
The agony that binds…

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