Internet-Regulating FEC Commissioner to Resign
Free Beacon | 19 February 2017
Wanted to regulate political…


California ‘Bombogenesis’, Biggest Storm in Years, Kills Two
BBC | 18 February 2017

The ExxonMobil Near-disaster You Probably Haven’t Heard of
Public Integrity | 15 February 2017
Pent-up gases…

The Great Robotic Downsizing Cometh…To Government?
Giza Death Star | 15 February 2017

ISRO Sends 104 Satellites in One Go, Breaks Russia’s Record
Economic Times | 15 February 2017
Entire launch will last for…

Twitter’s New Tool to Crack Down on Politically Incorrect Language
HeatStreet | 15 February 2017
Twitter Crackdown..

Elon Musk: If Humans Are to Survive, We Must Merge With Machines
Futurism | 14 February 2017
Why we…

UAE to Build First City on Mars by 2117
Gulf News | 14 February 2017
UAE to Build 1st Martian City..

Planetary Lockdown, Geoengineering and “The Deep State”
Global Research | 13 February 2017
Audio: Planetary Lockdown, Geoengineering and “The Deep State”
YouTube | 13 February 2017
Marvel at the legerdemain and deception…

‘Aisles Have Eyes’ Warns That Brick-And-Mortar Stores Are Watching You
NPR | 13 February 2017
Aisles have eyes..

Outlawing Microchipping Humans Not so Far-fetched, Nevada Senator Says
Review Journal | 13 February 2017
Micro chipping humans…

Evacuations Ordered Due to ‘Hazardous Situation’ Developing at Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway
Fox 40 | 12 February 2017

Do Not Track: Personalized Documentary Series
Do Not Track | 2015
Show you what the web knows about you…

Share Exposed as Massive Spy Machine Invading Your Privacy
Natural News | 10 February 2017
Devices can hear…Agencies have already…

The Happy City and our $20 Trillion Opportunity
Money Mustache | 10 February 2017
Right in front of our…

Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm
Bloomberg | 08 February 2017
Most frustrating…

A Heroic AI Will Let You Spy on Your Lawmakers’ Every Word
Wired | 07 February 2017
YouTube for local…

Full braking at Alpha Centauri
Earth Sky | 10 February 2017
Settle into a bound orbit…

NASA Status Update on Tornado Recovery at Michoud Assembly Facility
NASA | 10 February 2017
See next story for purpose of Michoud…

NASA Michoud Assembly Facility
NASA | 10 February 2017
One of the largest production…

Extreme Cold Hitting Europe Creating Food Shortages
Armstrong Economics | 10 February 2017
Headed into a mini…

400 Whales Stranded On Beach, Thrashing Tails In Distress
ND TV | 10 February 2017

Blast at French Nuclear Plant Does Not Pose Contamination Risk, Say Experts
Guardian | 09 February 2017

Silicon Valley is Right—our Jobs are Already Disappearing
Linked In | 07 February 2017
Unevenly distributed…

Triple Treat: Eclipse, Comet, Full Moon All Coming Friday Night
USA Today | 07 February 2017
Friday night…early Saturday morning…

A Crack in an Antarctic Ice Shelf Grew 17 Miles in the Last Two Months
NY Times | 07 February 2017
Glaciers will …

Whistleblower from NOAA Blows Open Global Warming Conspiracy
Armstrong Economics | 06 February 2017
Misleading using faked…

China is Now the World’s Largest Solar Power Producer
Digital Trends | 05 February 2017
Will require quite a hefty…

A Movement (tools) for Time Well Spent
Time Well Spent | 05 February2017
Cool personal technology solutions, projects…

Greenland Ice Sheet Melting 600 Percent Faster Than Predicted by Current Models
Naked Capitalism | 04 February 2017
Paleoclimate records…relatively rapid changes…

Study: ID Fraud Up Since Security Chips Put Into Play
DFW CBS | 03 February 2017
To blame…

Biggest Wealth Fund Seen Dashing Hopes of Green Energy Activists
Bloomberg | 02 February 2017
Green Energy hopes dashed..


Goldfein Shares Space Focus
Air Force Mil | 03 February 2017
Partners despite eight years of…

Global Warming is About to Destroy Capitalism?
Armstrong Economics | 03 January 2017
First time in human history…

Fruit-Picking Robot Latest Blow to Illegal Immigration
Infowars | 31 January 2017
Staffed by illegal…

An AI Poker Bot Has Whipped the Pros
Technology Review | 31 January 2017
Considered too difficult for…

Scientists Cook Up Material 200 Times Stronger than Steel Out of Soybean Oil
ABC | 31 January 2017
Beyond the lab…

Robert F Kennedy Jr: “The Best Thing that Could Happen to the Environment Is Free-market Capitalism.”
Jon Rappoport | 30 January 2017
Amount of waste as New York…

Tesla Gives the California Power Grid a Battery Boost
NY Times | 30 January 2017
Into a multifaceted…

Why The Cold War Between Tech CEOs and Trump Is About To Go Nuclear
Zero hedge | 30 January 2017
Overhauling the work-visa…

Google, Facebook Show Tech Dismay on Trump Immigration Order
Bloomberg | 28 January 2017
Underscore a growing…

Knight in Slimy Armor? US Navy Scientists Excited over new Biomaterial
RT | 28 January 2017

France’s Wild Hamsters Being Turned into ‘Crazed Cannibals’ by Diet of Corn
Guardian | 28 January 2017
5%, however…

Sundance Review: ‘Water & Power: A California Heist’
Sltrib | 28 January 2017
Reveals a secret deal made in…

Why a Red State is the No. 1 Wind Energy Producer in America
CS Monitor | 27 January 2017
That’s not the whole…

Two Infants Treated with Universal Immune Cells Have Their Cancer Vanish
Technology Review | 25 January 2017
Medical first…

Why This Tech CEO Is Promising To Pay Customer Refunds From His Own Paycheck
Forbes | 20 January 2017
Known for contrarian…

The Matrix of Technocracy: The Roots of the Conspiracy
Jon Rappoport | 15 March 2016
(2016) Direct their behavior…