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Vets For Child Rescue: Shine the Light! The Best Antiseptic for Corruption is Sunlight
V4CR | 20 September 2017
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Getting Past A Wall of Mirrors” To Stop A Coup Already Underway
Exopolitics | 12 November 2016
More Executive Power…

Article In Saudi Daily: U.S. Planned, Carried Out 9/11 Attacks – But Blames Others For Them
MEMI | 18 May 2016
Last year…

New Glacier Forming in California?
Ice Age Now | 12 September 2017
West Coast was above…

Flight Attendant sheds new light on 9/11.

YouTube | 11 September 2017

Flight Attendant 911 Research…

Three Years Later and the Mysterious Diappearance of MH 3701 Just Took
Giza Death Star | 11 September 2017
Quick out of the gate with generals…

Retired US Air Force Lieut Col. Karen Kwiatkowski on Alleged US Rescue of ISIS Field Commanders: ‘We Are Rescuing Our Allies’
Sott | 09 September 2017
Seems like they’re not following his orders…


The Conspiracies that Won’t Go Away: Brother of 9/11 Victim Claim the US Orchestrated the Atrocity as New Study Shows it was Impossible that the Third Tower Collapsed from Fire
Daily Mail | 08 September 2017
Though no plane…

US Air Force’s Nuclear Director in New Mexico Arrested for Raping 4 Year Old
The Goldwater | 04 September 2017
Before taking the Director role…

Report #16: Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault, and Rape of Women via Surveillance
YouTube | 03 September 2017
Remote-access neuroweapons that Intel and…

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Millicent’s Legal Fund: My Mobility, Save My Life and to Expose These Heinous Crimes Against Humanity
Go Fund Me | 02 September 2017
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Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 A Research Paper Presented To ‘Air Force 2025’
CSAT | August 1996
From 1996…strategy for the use of…

A Word To The Wise – “You’re A Mercenary If…”
Zero Hedge | 03 September 2017
You have no 1st Amendment rights when…


US Senate Document Confirms National and Global Weather Modification (Geoengineering) Programs
Galactic Connection | 31 August 2017
Confirms the extensive…

How Hurricane Harvey is Tied to the California Heat Wave
OC Register | 28 September 2017
High-pressure system is lingering over California …

HAARP Involved in Hurricane Harvey Pray for Texas

YouTube | 30 August 2017
See that it’s being fed…(watch for straight line)

Team Law: Historical Outline
Team Law | August 2017
Prerequisite Knowledge necessary for understanding Myth 22…

Friends of Donald Trump

YouTube | 11 May 2017
One way or another…scandalous…

Beware the Real Political Threat from Within
Armstrong Economics | 24 August 2017

YouTube | 08 August 2017
Future Soldier- Duke Robotics…