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The IRS wants to know who’s dealing in cryptos, as evidenced by this new question added to my tax return organizer sent by my CPA
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Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan Link Up to Form New Health-Care Company
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Exxon Mobil announces $35 billion in new US investments over 5 years, citing tax reform
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Local: The Appalachian City That Raised Its Taxes and Grew: To support a homegrown artist community, Berea, Kentucky, asked residents to trust government. It worked.
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Home Depot founder tells “Home Depot Co Founder: Democrats Downplaying Tax Cut Bonuses

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An alternative measure to GDP is proof that the global economy isn’t what it seems
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New York Times Applauds Donald Trump for a New Attempt at an Old Corporate Boondoggle
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See report below…

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Courtesy perspective from 2011 on a dollar…