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From the transcript:

Catherine: The people who have seriously taken on the exercises and really – because to me, the imagination is like a muscle. If you don’t exercise it, it atrophies. So the people who have really come in and taken on these exercises and worked with them, can you tell us some stories of what has happened?

Jon: Mm-hmm.

Catherine: What do they experience in their lives?

Jon: Absolutely. Well, although I don’t say this is going to – I mean, I don’t say to people, “This is what’s going to happen to you.”

Catherine: Right – because everybody’s different. Each person is unique, so you don’t know.

Jon: So people say, “Well, I don’t have headaches anymore.” They say, “My arthritis has changed considerably. It’s lightened way up from where it was before.” They say, “I find myself doing things that I only sort of vaguely dreamed about before.” You know, somebody will report back in and say, “You know, I just got back from three weeks in Timbuktu,” wherever, you know – some long trip. I say, “Wow!” They say, “Yes, three years ago, I never would have even gotten out of the house to get down the road on a trip like that. But now I went with tremendous enthusiasm, commitment, had a fantastic time.”
People change jobs. They change professions. They get out of things they never liked before, and they go to something they really want to do. Or I remember one person who said to me, “I’ve known what I wanted to do for the last five years – absolutely known it, and could see no possible way to get it done.” And this was a big thing. I mean, this was the kind of thing that would change a person’s life if they did it.