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The Solari Report

The Solari Report is a pre-recorded, weekly briefing hosted by Catherine Austin Fitts and guests.

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  • (866) 311-2543 (U.S.)
  • International: 001 +( 906) 643-6263

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What Subscribers Get:

  • Access to the complete Solari Report archive (currently over 300 reports)
  • Quarterly Wrapup in Web Presentation and PDF
  • Option to purchase Quarterly Wrapup at the Solari Store
  • Special reports and alerts throughout the year
  • The streaming version of Catherine Austin Fitts' DVD Investment Strategies for Changing Times
  • The complete collection of (17) Solari Audio Seminars

What Subscribers Are Saying

Topics and guests included in The Solari Report:

  • Matrix Nuts & Bolts with Jon Rappoport
  • Precious Metals Market Reports with Franklin Sanders
  • National Security with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson
  • Oil Card Geopolitics with Jim Norman
  • Insight on the Municipal Bond Market with Joe Mysak
  • Start-Up Financing for the Rest of Us with Peter Ireland
  • Subliminal Programming and Entrainment Technology with Adam Trombly

Subscribers may download audio recordings of all previous Solari Reports – currently over 200 reports.

  • Starting a Solari Circle Investment Club with Paul Ferguson
  • Family Wealth with James E. Hughes, Jr.
  • The Maker Movement with Dale Dougherty
  • The Breakaway Civilization with Joseph Farrell
  • Foster Gamble on his film, Thrive
  • Spychips with Dr. Katherine Albrecht
  • Zero Point Energy with Adam Trombly
  • Chemtrails with Clifford Carnicom
  • Lynne McTaggart on Rethinking Intelligence
  • The Real Deal on U.S. Economic Data with John Williams
  • The National Security State with Richard Dolan
  • Electromagnetic Environments & Our Health with B. Blake Levitt
  • Mitigating Against Radiation Poisoning with Dr. Laura Thompson
  Included with Your Subscription:
  1. Access to the entire Solari Report audio archive
  2. The streaming version of Catherine Austin Fitts' DVD "Investment Strategies for Changing Times"
  3. Special Reports and Alerts throughout the year
  4. The Complete collection of Solari Audio Seminars

"My goal is to remove the barriers that prevent you from seeing the invisible war: how it affects your money, your health, and your safety. Then I can help you take action. This is why I am doing The Solari Report."
-- Catherine Austin Fitts

"All I can say now after I pick my jaw up off the floor is wow!! Thank you soooo much. What a huge blessing and thank you for your commitment and your courage. You've helped me fill in so many blanks and connect so many dots. I can now better align my intuition with empowering choices in the economic arena.c

"Joined the Solari Report last week and have been spending the last several evenings listening to past calls. SPLENDID SPLENDID. If there's anything better out there I don't know what it might (be) and I'm telling a number of my friends to sign up. Thanks for this GREAT service!

"They want to make it very expensive to not be in the (healthcare) database...Perfectly put as usual. More truth value per word than anywhere else (kind of like sales per sq foot in retailing).



Disclaimer:   Nothing on The Solari Report should be taken as individual investment advice. Anyone seeking investment advice for his or her personal financial situation is advised to seek out a qualified advisor or advisors and provide as much information as possible to the advisor in order that such advisor can take into account all relevant circumstances, objectives, and risks before rendering an opinion as to the appropriate investment strategy.

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