Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: August 1, 2019

~ Raw audio of the Money & Markets will publish late August 1st, finalized audio will be published on August 2nd ~

By Catherine Austin Fitts


No One is as Smart as All of Us


  • Where is the Money? Ask, Ask Again, & Keep on Asking Until the 2020 Elections Are Over! Keep Asking Around the World! – Dónde está el dinero? Wo ist das Geld? Où est l’argent? 錢呢?
  • VERY SERIOUS: US Congress cancels meat labeling; FT publishes “Investor Appetite for Clean Food – The Future of Meat – UBS says cellular meat to plant based proteins grow to $85B – dubbed “clean food”
  • British Leadership & Brexit
  • China Trade Negotiations Kick the Can; China announces US Behind HK Protests
  • ECB and Fed July Meetings: Fed lowers 25 basis points and ends portfolio run off: German courts here constitutionality of ECB Bond Buying
  • New IMF Head & European Leadership
  • Debt Ceiling & Budget
  • House Resolution on BDS – 16 Democrats and 1 Republican Vote No
  • Bob Mueller & Peter Beter
  • Midianite Watch: More NYPD Suicidings, Marine busts for drugs and human trafficking
  • ESG, FASAB 56 Climate Change & The War on Children
  • More War on Children: California Interstate 10 Vaccine Billboards
  • Weird Weather – Hailstones in Guatamala and UK, Melting traintracks in Europe and tornadoes on Cape Cod
  • The Baltimore Kerfuffle
  • Musk’s Neurolink Wierdness
  • Doubling Down on Climate Change Lies


Franklin Square and Munson Fire District Board of Commissioners

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