Bravo, Catherine, for your bravery in stating such hard truths. This piece is brave and true and beautifully written. God bless you for leading the way. is one of the best universities I have ever attended. You [bring] a tremendously talented and well-meaning group of people together who enlighten and challenge me every week. Exposing us to different or new points of view challenges us all to become better human beings, and opens up avenues of action to make this world a better place.
This Wrap Up [News Trends & Stories] was fantastic. So much valuable information. I wish that I would have become a subscriber years ago. Looking forward to sharing this with my adult children.
What I love about Solari is how Catherine presents you with reality and then softens the blow with beautiful music or art but still drives the point home.
It’s great to see Catherine’s work being translated into solutions for Tennessee and other states!
The interview [The Case for Building Wealth with Richard Werner] was so good I listened to it twice. Listening to intelligent, coherent people helps me stay sane.
I have found my tribe and I’ve come home! Truly, I love Solari! Thank you, Catherine, to you and your team.
Thanks to Catherine and Solari, we understand what’s at stake and what needs to be done.
Solari taught me that one person can make a difference!
I think my Solari subscription is turning out to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made.
I am happy to renew my subscription! This year is going to be chaotic, and I am sure the Solari Report will continue to be the beacon for our free and inspired life!
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As a returning customer, I absolutely love your whole website, especially Money & Markets.
Thank you for this jewel of an interview. [Referring to “2023 Annual Wrap Up: The Magic of Water with Ulrike Granögger”]
Pay attention to Catherine. She is the real deal. A subscription to her Solari Report has been $275 a year for the last 15 years. The price has not gone up, but the value she adds every year does.
Inspiring, informative, and insightful. Thank you for a worthwhile educational experience! [Re “Where to Stash Your Cash in 2024”]
I just can’t tell you how happy I am with the information I am getting from you all. It’s very optimistic and very realistic. I appreciate everything you do and can’t thank you enough.
Thank you, Catherine and Dr. Farrell, great discussion! I so appreciated the pushback info—truly encouraging. Also appreciated the AI conversation, detailing its limitations and the superior value of humans’ ability to problem-solve and to create.
You, Catherine and the Solari Report, are truly amazing. Such powerful, useful, and informative information and insights! I’m very grateful.
I’ve been following Catherine Austin Fitts’ interviews for the last few years and have found her to be a consistent source of solace in a world gone mad.
Solari has been a source of information and encouragement this past year. When I listen to Money & Markets, Catherine and John feel like our ‘reliable neighbors’ in this global Solari tribe. I love Ulrike’s science reports, too.
Mind-blowing! What a stupendous piece of intergalactic dot-connecting. Joseph Farrell has a brilliant mind and Catherine is a national treasure. [Comment on “Is the Universe Alive and Intelligent?”]
Thank you all at Solari for your efforts to help seed and protect ‘A Free and Inspired Life.’ I agree that ‘they are intent on harvesting our creativity.’ I find in my soul-healing work that restoring the flow of creativity is critical for restoring health and sovereignty.
As a new subscriber, I am SO pleased with the content—and I haven’t delved into anything but the Money & Markets show for the last two weeks. I’ve gone way back to the beginning of 2020 and have binge-watched or listened all the way up to August of 2021 thus far. I’m happier than Janet Yellen in a tub full of Brent crude!
My neighbor introduced me to the priceless work of Mrs. Catherine. God bless her and all the other people who are working with her.
Catherine, your mother and father must be completely proud of you. You are amazing and I pray for you everyday. Never stop—it’s working.
Another bell ringer of an interview! Thank you for your continued top-notch guests, interviews, and subject matter.
We are deeply grateful to Solari, as we don’t know where we would be without the ongoing incredible knowledge, insights, and perspective that are shared here.
It’s always valuable to listen to News Trends & Stories with Catherine and Joseph Farrell. True wealth, for me, includes sanity!
Thank you for having the courage to remain rational and level-headed, providing what appears to be the only analysis of recent events that didn’t make me want to throw up. The past three years made me lose respect for a truckload of individuals who I thought had integrity. Bad times make apparent what people are made of. I will just turtle forth and treasure Life. Catherine & Solari team, thank you for everything.
By finding you and listening to you, my eyes were opened and I was saved from gangstalking destruction. I am now back on my feet and helping others. You are a treasure. You saved my life.
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You are doing fine work, enlightening and educating on REALITY (vs. ‘official reality’). You have indeed taught me and your audience well how to successfully decipher developments in our world!

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